I'm NEW and Terrified!

Good morning everyone,

I recently joined here a month ago, but had so many things going on with my health, I was on "overload", so this is my first post!

I had a routine MRI for my M.S. back in November, and one of the pics showed 2 possible annies, My neuro sent me back for an angio MRI, which didn't happen until Jan 3rd. The results came back positive, I have 2 Fusiform annies, the right side is 3mm and the left is 7mm in the carotid artery. My neuro didn't really give me much info, actually didn't want to discuss too much to not get my stress level up, that didn't happen! I have been referred to a neuro surgeon, and just got confirmation that my apt will be in less than 2 weeks. I am terribly frightened, not knowing what to expect. Since Christmas I have been suffering terribly with headaches and migraines, previous to that the past several months my eye sight has been off, blurry, some days worse than others. These headaches also concern me, and they are a pain!

has anyone else had treatments for Fusiform annies here that can give me some info and what to expect? Is it much different from the sacular type? I'm all new to this, and getting very nervous for this up coming appointment!

Thanks so much!

Hi Rita .. it is natural to be scared...I wish I could be of more help, but wasn't a Fusiform. Your neurosurgeon will be able to give you so much more information. Also, I am giving you the BAF website to read more and see if the main page has information about the Fusiforms...oh one other thing...write your questions down and take someone with you...


Hope this helps you out ... Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Rita,

I too am no help with fusiform aneurysms.I just looked t this site and it shows hat a fusiform looks like compared to a secular annie.


I hope it helps.


The one that my neurologist thought was a fusiform (2 mm) turned out to be an artifact when they did the angiogram. Did you have an angiogram? Or an MRA (an MRI with contrast dye)? The angiogram, they go through your thigh to inject dye and is usually done by the neurosurgeon. If you haven't, that will be the next step so the surgeon can get a clear picture of what is going on. The sizes and shapes differ usually when they are looking through CT, CTA or MRA then when they do the angiogram unless they are very large, and yours do not sound large from the sizes you mentioned.

I believe they can do some of the same procedures for fusiform as they can for sacular, depending of course on location, size and shape.

I could say, "don't be nervous," but I remember being where you are, and there's no avoiding it. If you have a husband, or partner, parent, or adult son or daughter that can accompany you to the appointment, do so. You'll want someone who's clear headed to write down what the doctor says. Go with a list of questions so you can get some answers. It's the waiting that is the awful part. Hang in there!