I'm depressed

This sucks... I'm feeling so down and out.. The lack of energy is getting to me.. I know it's part of the process, but enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap, I'd really like to start dating again.. But who would want to hang out with me?? I'm tired most of the time.. I could see it now.. I'm on a date with some really great guy, things are going well, then I have to excuse myself so I can take a nap.. LOL

How much fun could one girl be??


It will take a new kind of guy - one who takes a genuine interest in what you have been through. Believe me knowing what I know now about aneruysm suvivors I would not hesitate to date someone like you in a heartbeat vs someone who hasn't survived what you did. It's all in how you define a "great guy." You'll need to change your perspective and look for someone who is 180* from whom you may have dated. You just might find them to be more fun and accomodating. Forget the pretty boys, we ain't worth it! :)

thats just part of the process it will get better as long as you listen to your body, just joking but find a man who works nights or works to hard, lol. It would get better.

Hi Princess,

It will get better! It's definitely easier said but just keep moving forward. I've gone through the process of comparing myself to others my age, seeing all what they are doing and me just sitting home trying my best to relax a bit but what was always at the back of my mind was the fact that I am alive. That thought kept moving me forward. There are days I don't even want to open the door to step out but the other days, I do the best I can to enjoy myself. Things will get better.