I think my platinum plates on the skull are causing irritation

I am 5 months post pre-rupture surgery (I had a CTA bypass).

They did a cut that looks like 2 pizza slices (one runs from my forehead back to the back of my crown, and the other runs from the middle of the first cut down to in front of my ear. When I came out of surgery, I had 2 places that hurt as soon as the pain medication wore off, I call these my “indicator” pain points. The pains are outside the area of my incisions, but by looking at my x-rays, I believe they are where I have 2 (of the 6) platinum attachments holding my skull together.

One indicator pain point is the crown of my head, about 1-2 cm away from incision, and the other is my forehead hairline, about 1-2 cm away from incision.

The one on the crown of my head is still very tender. I can feel the bumps of the plates under the skin (like pimples). I think the plates are causing irritation. Does anyone else feel like this? Also I’m having scalp itchiness sort of close to the incision line.

Sincerely, Clare