Plate in my head

In my surgery, they put a plate in my skull. It protrudes and is very noticeable, to touch it it feels uneven... it hurts to lie on that side of my head.... anyone else? is this normal?

one year later it still hurts ..cannt lie on my left side or even wear a hat ..gavpentine helps some ..when I first was put on it it was a WONDERFUL relief of the pain ...still not as much pain as before do get used to it and learn to not touch it ..take a pain killer to do your hair .. even makeup takes a painkiller ...I wish I could be of more help .. but dont let it control you.. find livable solutions !! good luck

thanks for the info if not the prognosis, yeah, washing hair hurts, combing etc. I have refused all pain killers since coming home except for tylenol, trying to keep positive

Hi Pat,

I also have titanium plates & screws in the leftside of my head. Doctor said they are placed there for him to have something to screw the removed piece of skull back into. The screws protrude from the top of my eyebrow, but not the plates. Didn't notice it for the first 4 months post-op as the healing and swelling took that long for me to notice. I just hope it does not continue to sink in. It's been almost 8 months since op.

Yes it hurts and I cannot lay on that side either at all, even on a down pillow. Lumpy and a bit sinking in also. I have been told its all part of the procedure. Maybe some day it will fill itself back in with healthier skull/bone. Not sure. Best wishes. Jeanne


Sorry to hear you have a plate. I don't know if this is any consolation but my wife has her original bone flap but it is not symetrical to the original shape and she also cannot sleep on that side for the last 16 years without awakening to a bad migraine.