I made it!

Hello Everyone, Just a little note to say I made it through my first day back at work. (With the help of God and my wonderful family here at home and here at BAF)

Thank you guys for your prayers and encouragement.

It was like riding a bike. I got back into as soon as I walked in. If I needed a refresher I just asked.(Thanks Carole for the advise)

So to everyone if I can do it You can do it!!!!! Never give up on yourselves!!!!!! Just Believe in Yourself!!! So Go For It!!!

I know my daughters is in heaven Smiling down on me and being proud of her mom!!!!

Thanks everyone!!

Lots of hugs!!!



Thanks be to God!


YAY- wonderful news! So glad you had such a fantastic day!

You made my day! So glad to hear you are back to work! God is good :]

Tiffany...you were blessed with your results and your ongoing strength....I am so pleased for you..

Hugs and praysers...