I had clipping Monday nov 12,2012 at OHSU Portland Oregon

Hello everyone. I had my clipping done yesterday and everything went well. I'm having headaches as expected. I spent the first 36 hours in ICU. They have taken very good care of me here. My jaw is sore I'm having to eat soft foods. I had a left ICA. I have met with physical therapy and cognitive therapy. Looks like I will have to use a cane to get around. Thank you all for being such good listeners being there for me before I had the surgery means a lot to me. Kathy Lucht I have a couple pictures will download

happy to hear your ok and recovering,take care and God bless you

hi kathryn! wow already on baf!!! thats wonderful! thanks for the update! take care , God bless you & yours!

Amazing you are on BAF blog so soon! Keep on moving forward! Good luck.

It's so remarkable that surgeries today have such quick recoveries. Both my wife and I wish she could have a do over:)

I'm sure you'll get rid of that cane soon!

Hi Kathryn...it is good news that you are on the computer so quick...keep resting and keep healing...Colleen

So happy you are doing so well! Gives me a lot of inspiration. Take care,


Hi Kathryn, WOW, it sounds like you have done fantastic!! prayers and well wishes to you. donna w