I feel so down

hi everyone, havent been here for a while, im nearly 7 months in, still getting headaches but seem to go longer, its usually a pattern of 2 wks on 2wks off, and the feeling sick is still there. 3 weeks ago i had a phone call from my bosses wife to see if i wanted to go in for a couple of hours a day as long as i wanted to build confidence and to actually see if i could do it,i thought this was a brill idea, they were getting there normal staff and if i was to have headaches , i could ring and say wasnt coming in and i wouldnt feel guilty. anyway did all wk apart from friday as this is a busy day and i said from the start i wouldnt do fridays.i get a call from the bosses wife asking me why wasnt i in friday , i told her that i wasnt doing friday, alls i got from her was we were busy, so that just knocked my stress levels threw the roof. she then asked what shifts i was doing next week , i said , you told me you were getting normal staff in and i was just coming in to build myself up, she said we cant do that cause we had to many staff in , but they wernt paying me for going in as i was still on sick , this really shook me up, i wrote a letter to them telling them how i felt. my partner went in to speak to them, explaining what they said, and they turned around and said they didnt say anything like that and i must of got it all wrong, another words they were playing on my memory issues, i havent been back since , my freind looked at the rota at work and they did put me down for shifts, the thing is people were beleiving them over me but now they know different now,but im not going back and looking for something less stressful ,ive applied for a job at a nursing home where i use to work and there saying come back in 6 months, the thing is , is this what its going to be like getting a job.

I think you have to find the right place. If people are that heartless, you need to be with the right people in the first place. always keep your attitude positive. Always be as upbeat as you can. you made it and you are alive. wow that is awesome.
don’t let others affect how you feel and how to respond to the world. keep applying to where you want to be working in all different places. You can do anything you want to do…


Hang in there. It does sound like you need a better environment. But I also wonder whether your current employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in anyway. I really don’t know the full ins and outs of the rule enough to say.

Keep your chin up- you don't need this stress. It is hard to say this if you are proably like the rest of us and short on funds this close to Christmas. lisa