Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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My name is Brad I live in South Eastern Pennsylvania. I just joined the support group a couple of days ago. My mom suffered from a sub-arachnoid hemorhage in the spring of 2010. We had difficulty finding a comprehensive therapy program that would accept my mom at first because she was considered sub-accute for rehab and our insurance was not very good. The nursing home where she first went after the hospital was stagnating and obtuse in providing or even allowing us to provide basic physical therapy. Fortunately I had the idea to switch insurance plans which we were miraculously permitted to do. With that switch we were able to get her into Bryn Mawr Rehab which is located in Malvern Pennsylvania. For anyone in the area I highly recommend seeking out Bryn Mawr they are a wonderful group of individuals focussed on progress and development. In the past few months my mom's progress slowed though it did continue. Four and a half weeks ago we did something I wish we would have done at the beginning. She began receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Hyperbaric Therapy USA in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Quite astonishingly we saw her progress increase within the first week. Her balance has improved, her gate has gotten longer and her endurance is improving. In addition her speech has gotten much less apraxic, her volume has increased and she's more engaged in conversation in general. And one of the biggest overall changes we've seen is that she is just more engaged and willing to initiate actions more than we've seen since her injury. This may have been mentioned on these forums before, but I'm new and it's an activity that is, in my opinion, essential for a fuller, faster recovery. I encourage everyone who has a loved one working to regain his/her life after a brain injury to seek out a hyperbaric facility in your area. If you happen to live in southeastern Pa there is a talk tonight being held at HBT USA in Newtown Square, Pa by Dr. Patrick Elliot. If you can't make it call over there tonight, I strongly recommend that you read or find out more about hyperbaric therapy.


You are marvelous...in all that you have done for your mother, and for bringing information to this group.

Thank you so much...and, so hope you update us.

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Hi Becky,

I've read some, but not all that is out there concerning hyperbaric therapy and I know families/patients/doctors have seen improvements in ischemic stroke patients from treatment. I don't remember Alzhemer's patients, but its very possible they too can benefit, I'm just not sure. We see a lot of autistic children at the hyperbaric facility whose parents have seen dramatic effects from there treatment. And its used for many types of brain injuries.

This is very interesting because I have been looking into what is called brain therapy-which uses oxygen while exercising to increase the intake of oxygen, which has shown an improvement in memory, concentration,etc… I have wondered why this is not used more often for patients recovery.

going to look into it thanks linda,hope it helps with the pain

I'm going to look into brain therapy, thanks for passing that along. I hadn't come across it yet. I think the same is true for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), where it takes someone to mention it to you or finding it by researching alternative therapies, because they aren't covered by insurance or widely used. In the case of HBOT the former when treating brain injuries because its an off label use of the therapy. I'm not an expert but the short story for HBOT is that it was tested and approved by the FDA for 13 or 14 disorders. Since then researchers have found many other benefits for HBOT, but they have not been approved by the FDA. Use for anything not approved is considered an "off-label" use and hence not covered by insurance. The families/caretakers and patients who get to live the results don't need a double blind study to validate the improvement, but unfortunately it isn't covered. Thanks again for the brain therapy info.

I hope so Linda. I know my mom now has more sensation after the therapy, but I don’t know about reducing pain. More blood flow goes to injured areas and reduces swelling with HBOT, but I guess it depends on the cause of the pain.

The only place that I know of in the Eastern area that provided the brain therapy is Kingwood, WV. If anyone knows of anywhere else please let us know.