I'm wondering about the variations in experiences with hydrocephalus and its treatment. I gather some people have shunts which maybe drain cerebral spinal fluid to the outside. Just after my surgery, while I was still in ICU, maybe I had hydrocephalus. I don't think that word was used. What I understood/remember is that my 4th ventricle wasn't draining properly and they did an angio to put some "medicine" on it. That must have caused a big swoosh of draining into my lower back because my lower back really hurt for a bit after it. I'm now being "followed" by a local neurologist. She ordered a CT scan and the report was "stable hydrocephalus". And there was mention of other ventricles, but not the 4th. Both she and my primary care Dr. have told me that there is such a thing as normal hydrocephalus and not to worry. That doesn't make sense to me. Furthermore I feel pressure and have been able to get relief from cranial-sacral treatments from both a chiropractor and a Rolfer. I guess I should just be happy with that since those treatments aren't invasive and don't come with a mortality risk. Another thing in one of those imaging reports referred to some ventricle and said "age-appropriate atrophy." I'm not too keen on that either. :)

So I would really appreciate hearing the collective wisdom on hydrocephalus.