How Many Days were YOU off "the grid"?

I just celebrated my one year anniversary of my aneurysm on June 12th but I am having some anxiety over July 18th...I call the day I "came back on the grid". Not sure why?!?! I have so much to be thankful for.

I was awake most of the time between June 12-July 18 except when they put me in a coma a few times before my surgery (June 19th) and then 7 days after my surgery to repair the "subarachnoid hemmorrhage" behind my right eye. I have no memory of any of this except when The Lord came and I went to Heaven & met my unborn child. I also have a few faint memories of nurses being mean but no clue what was going on and I never asked anyone until July 18th.

I was in my hospital bed and looked across at the white board in my room that said July 18, 2013. I looked at my husband and I will never forget asking him why in the world it said July 18th?!?! He explained I had a subarachnoid hemmorrhage, an aneurysm behind my right eye but I was okay now and everything was going to be okay.

An aneurysm?!?!

Are you sure?

He had to write it down so I would remember it.

He went on to explain I was airlifted to Dallas for surgery and we were there three weeks.

But my head is not shaved?


An sub what?

And then my two young children ages 5 and 2 came to mind and I panicked. Where were they who had them, are they okay..

Are you sure I had an aneurysm?

It was so confusing.

I only missed 30 days and I was only in the hospital 49 days total.

But it still hard to comprehend. The amount of prayers, visitors, cards, flowers.

It is overwhelming.

Is it for you?

Thank you for sharing Tina...I was induced in a coma for only 2 days...but I must tell you...I had a leak not a to find myself in NICU after my coiling and tears in my husbands eyes I knew something terribly went wrong...that was three years ago...and yes it was all very overwhelming...due to complications and terrible headaches...I don't think I ever really felt I was on the "grid" until 3 months went by...wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen! I am just trying to soak up all my blessings and focus on that!

Do you have headaches anymore?

Hi Tina...yes but nothing like that first year after my I usually get a migraine once a month for about 2 days...I catch them fast w/ medicine before they get bad ...I never experience migraines till after it is a once a month reminder ... I truly feel the blessed to be alive...and take things "one day at a time" or at least I try...

Wonderful and thank you so much for sharing Tina! Like you, I have little to no memory when I was knocking on heavens door...and have to say that it was my son & family that had to endure so much more pain than I did; watching me cling to life & fight thru one of the most toughest battles I'll ever face! I too find it overwhelming because we want to remember the battle; yet I'm sure the good Lord made it so we can't for ALL good reasons. So Happy to hear that you are doing so well & do enjoy "soaking" in the Blessings ... I'm sure there are many more heading your way :))!

Hi Tina. Congratulations on your recent 1year anniversary. Please don’t have anxiety for July 18th, it’s when you returned from danger, and became a miracle! We survivors, have so much to be grateful for… In our deepest suffering, we were out of it, in the hospital to returned for another chance of life. I’m also a survivor of a SAH, a horrendous trauma for my family and I, without warning 2 years ago- it’s indeed the “silent killer.” I spent 4 months in the hospital, after my discharged, 6months in out-patient physiotherapy. From wheelchair, walker, to cane. With the love and support of my husband, kids, relatives, and friends. I am living proof, that God answered prayers. You had some of the same experiences! Let us, make used of this 2nd chance for Life! And pay it forward, because that’s why we were saved, the old adage. If I can helped somebody as I passed along, then my living, would not be in vain! I’m so blessed to have found this site, the survivors “rock,” willing to helped on any given day. Remember the aneurysm, doesn’t defined us, it’s an illness of our physical body, not our spirit! Tina, live, laugh, and love! My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and you.

Thank you for the encouragement. Looking forward to a day with my family.

Hi! I am a 5 years in on Aug 7…the first 2 anniversaries were frightening and tough just thinking about how far you’ve come and the fears that still linger but I decided to make it my 2nd birthday! So now instead of sadness I celebrate this beautiful 2nd chance at life I was given!

omg yes yes yes and yea- I was also out for 5 or 6 days- dpends who you ask-lol the cards were the greatest- it reconnected me with old normal esp the kids handprints one, yeah I was wha wha what??? for many weeks and finally realized how bad off I was when I got to rehab and saw the signs- today is Tuesday, fall risk, ambulatory impaired etc etc You did pretty well, I was in nuero I week and rehab 8 weeks God Bless you and yours, prayers of improvements~~~

Hi Tina,

Wow so glad you are able to celebrate the 1 year annieversary! Your kids were so young; I cannot imagine. My daughter was 7 when it happened; she handled it like a champ.

I was "out" for almost 3 weeks. They had me so medicated, I didn't know what day it was or what condition I was in. I knew I had an aneurysm (I was lucky enough to be conscious enough to hear the diagnosis and wait for surgery), but I was heavily medicated and had no idea if my condition was due to meds or the aneurysm. I knew I was in a holding pattern until the vasospasms disappeared, and they did, after 21 days. In the middle of all that, I had to have a temporary pacemaker put in. I didn't realize I was so out of it for so long until I got home and started trying to put it all together.