How long would you wait?

I’m almost 12 weeks post coiling for a ruptured annie & I’m not scheduled to see my consultant until early August. As I was told not to do anything when discharged from hospital, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating not to :frowning: I have 2 horses which my husband has had to look after with regards to mucking out, filling hay nets etc. which is really quite depressing :frowning: so my question is do u think it would be ok if I started to do a bit more with them? & when do would u think I’d be able to ride them again? Nothing silly like show jumping or cross country, just a general hack around the mountains? x

Hello Claire

It's good to know you are doing well and feel like doing things with the horses. You are a survivor.

I suggest you phone either the Neurovascular specialist nurse (if there is one at your centre) or your consultants secretary on Tuesday and explain you are now 3 months and need some advice about what you can do in terms of exercise etc. The secretary should get someone (nurse/surgeon/Occupational therapist/physio) to phone you back with advice. If you don't hear in a couple of days phone again, sometimes when everyone is too busy messages get lost/forgotten etc.

My guess is you should be able to be getting back towards normal activities now, but you should check with teh team you were under. It is possible your GP will have been sent instructions when you were discharged or will have access to teh departments guidance, so it might be worth asking the GP.


Hello Claire,

It's great to read that you are feeling so well as only twelve weeks is no time at all after a ruptured aneurysm, as they have told you not to do anything i should proceed with some caution, i know it must be extremely frustrating for you, and i also know what hard work it can be looking after horses and lifting wheelbarrows, bales of hay etc, bending and lifting are probably two things to try and avoid at least until you have had your first angiogram and seen the consultant. I don't mean to sound negative but it would be a shame to set yourself back especially as you survived the rupture - but i suspect you already know this in your own mind.

Best wishes, Sue & John

Hi Judith, I have rang the secretary to my consultant who was going to speak to him with regards to what I’m able to do & was going to get back to me, but I haven’t heard anything :frowning: perhaps I’ll ring again as like u said sometimes messages go astray especially during busy times, but at the same time i dont want to be a pain! Thanks for your reply, luv Claire -x-

Hi Sue & John, thanks for your reply. U speak a lot of sense & don’t sound negative at all :slight_smile: Your probably right & 12 weeks is still early days, but yeah it’s really frustrating, especially as I was such an active person before the rupture :frowning: having horses is heavy, hard work, so it’s probably best to hang fire just a few more months as the last thing my family or myself would want is a set back! It’s just soooo depressing & boring, but on the other hand I’ve got to be thankful that I’m still here! Hope your both keeping well, sending lots of hugs, luv Claire -x-

Hi Claire,

i believe I would contact the Neuro's office sooner instead of waiting til August--you have nothing to lose by doing so , and perhaps you can get a medical "go ahead" to do more that way instead of wondering or worrying. August does seem like quite some time away, sometimes we have to be a bit pushy or pro-active when dealing with our medical care, and theres nothing wrong with doing that. Peace, Janet

Hi Janet, i'm getting a bit fed up of keeping onto the consultants secretary as she just keeps telling me the same thing, which is that unfortunately my appointment cannot be brought any closer as that is how long his waiting list is :( & fear could be getting on her nerves! I told her that all i want is the 'go ahead' with certain things e.g pushing the hoover around, mucking my horses out etc & she told me she'd ask him & get back to me, but has she?! :( feel like i may aswell talk to the wall x Thanks for replying, luv Claire -x-

I had my rupture on february,16,2009 and I got 14 coils.
Approx 2 months later I start again running very slowly with my doctor green light.
4 months later I came back more or less to my normal life.
Take care from italy.

Hi Claire...I think you should direct all these questions to your Doctor...if you start doing too many slow your recovery...better to know from your Doctor...~ Colleen

Hi Claire~ Only your Drs and physical therapists can clear you for such strenuous activities, it will depend on the severity of your injury and your progress, balance etc etc . Apparently theres different severities- I am 3.5 yrs post and can't work and was declared permanently disabled by the drs-this was a shock to me because I thought I would improve enough to return to work. I'm glad your still remaining hopeful- we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers

Claire...were you given a Patient's Guide whatever the title? You may want to pull up the website f the hospital...scan the Rad Unit (whatever the title) and pursue the general data n minimally invasive coiling...

Those, Guides...usually give the generalities of treatment...for those unruptrued and ruptured...w/slight variances...

As an example of one of a renowned hospital for ruptured BA treatment...

1) a plain film x-ray before discharge

2) a plain film x-ray again in 4-6 weeks...

3) f/up angio at three 3 months, and six months and at two years after the procedure...

You may want to check your records given you on discharge...the website, and/or call the doc's office...

I have no expertise, just some experiences...August seems like a long wait for f/up to determine status...before expanding your activities...

Prayers for your continued recovery...and follow-up...


Thanks for your reply Giovanni, wow! I’m hoping my recovery is a quick as yours. I’m not sure how many coils I had as I wasn’t told :frowning: i do feel as though I could start to do something. I’m getting increasing bored & starting to gain weight :frowning: but am afraid to until I get the dr’s green light xxx

My dr doesn’t know any answers to my questions as she’s just a general practioner & isn’t in the neuro field. She also doesn’t have access to my hospital record as I’m still under their care & haven’t yet been discharged. So looks as though the only thing I can do is wait til my next appointment in August, perhaps I’ll be discharged thn :slight_smile: & my notes can be passed onto my gp. Thanks for your reply Colleen, luv Claire -x-