How long does headache remain after clipping?

my mom under went clipping on 16/09/2010.even now my mom gets headache every now & is there any one who has same problem?

im certain people still get head pains from the brain in the healing process, but to be safe i would address that to the intervention radiologist or your neurologist… i had my anny rupture october 09 and i dont get them often but i so have like a pain in the temples of my head but i am a strong believer in the healing of my Lord, so i just pray when i get them and ask for the Lord to take them away and in a matter of seconds it ceases,God can work miracles and just look at all of the survivors on here…prayer is powerful…good luck to your mom and tell her all she has to do is reach out to him ,hes always listening…God bless…michelle-n-texas

I was told with coiling that I could have headaches from 2 to 4 months. Did they give you any meds I got Fioricet. It helps me.

thank u michelle patterson for the reply.we had consulted neurologist last week,he assured that every thing is mom gets head pain in frontal mom is also strong believer of god,she too prays during head pain.thank u .God bless u too…vinuta

thank u for the reply kim hanson.yes they have given analgesics[tab-combiflam].since analgesics should not be taken too often,my mom takes it during severe head pain.

Hoping that Mom is feeling better, I’m 16 months out from two annies clipped and still have some headaches. Doc says that it’s normal but watching them, I take acetaminophen without aspirin and it seems to help. …