How does this play out?

I'm in the dark on what the steps are for me. I found out while i was in the hospital in March that I have 2 annies. No one really addressed them since they were all trying to get my migrains under control and find out why I was dizzy all the time. Now my nero doc has refered me to a new nero surgeon. All my records and film have been sent to this new doctor. What is the steps from here? I've read about all kinds of tests that people have been thru before clipping/coiling. I have not heard from the surgeon so I have not talked to him yet to get this information from him. I'm really confused and want some answers. Any help would help ease my mind from running wild. FYI.. I have had mri,mra,spinal taps,contrast. :-)

Hi Angela,

geez, I'd imagine you've got to be confused (,..The migraines and dizzyness, did the former NeuroDoc think that they are unrelated to your aneurysms?? ) are you still suffering from the migraines?

I'd think that step # 1 from your new NeuroDoc would be an MRA with contrast 1st and foremost so he can get the big picture now (Since its 2 months later then March) so he can start fresh in your care...then I'd imagine that he'd want to consult with you right away so as to look at the options. When do you see the new doctor? and what were the reasons given as to why you're being transferred to the new doctor? If memory serves me right, when I had my clippings done the only testing that I remember were the MRA/contrast in order for the doctors to make a concrete determination on wheather or not I had an aneurysm ....I might've had a CT scan but I honestly only recall the MRA''s each time. ...Call up the new Neurosurgeons office and start demanding some answers Angela, thats probably the best bet at this point. Peace, Janet

I Had one done in March(MRI ) but I'm hoping that he wants more upto date pictures, I meet with the new Doc on the 4th. I'm meeting this new Doctor because the only nero surgeons I meet were while I was in the hospital. My nero doc now just treats the pain.He is the one that got me in touch with the surgeon. Up to now we thought the annies were small but after talking to my doc we found out they were larger than explained to us. Hence the call to a surgeon. feel a little better now that I have a date still 3 weeks away but at least I got in.

Aw, I get it, the 1st NeuroDoc is a Neurologist and not a NeuroSurgeon which explains why you were transferred...I'd think the NeuroSurgeon would definately want/need updated images of your head ....and like I said, I'd guess that should be an MRA/contrast for the 'gold standard' in imagery . Are you having any outward symptoms currently ? headaches, blurred vision, pressure feeling, dizzyness etc.-(-and did the migraines subside finally?)

Peace to you as you wait it out til your appointment! Maybe take someone else with you so they can absorb all that's said and questions, write lots of questions down between now and 3 weeks (theres no such thing as a silly question)! knowledge is power and this site is terrific in finding answers , Best of luck Angela, Janet

I am still suffering from headaches everyday and migraines 2-3 xs a week. Dizzyness not so much anymore just here and there. What I’m scared of is that these surgerys either clipping or coiling is going to intensify my headaches too. I guess I’ll find out huh .

I found out via an MRA that I had my annie. My neurologist referred me to a neurosurgeon. I met with this doctor. Based on the MRA, he thought I might be a good candidate for coiling. He referred me to a coiling specialist. I met with the next doctor who wanted a clearer picture and ordered an angiogram. Based on the MRA, nothing was urgent. I actually left the specialists office with the angiogram appointment and a "we'll probably just watch a wait" suggestion. The angiogram changed everything. The annie was bulging in two places and the neck was very wide. The coiling was pretty much off the table. I was encouraged to seek another opinion regarding clipping. I met with 3 different neurosurgeons. After speaking with them, I know clipping was the best course of treatment.

At this point it turned into be becoming a researcher, asking tons of questions, and interviewing the surgeons. I was deciding who was best for me. I had my clipping on 5/6. While I was scared as hell, I was confident in my choice of treatment and surgeon. It has been just over a week, and while recovery is slow, I feel a little better each day.

YOU need to be become your own advocate. Ask lots of question. Where is the annie? How big is it? Would they recommend coiling vs clipping? How many of the procedures have they done? When was the last time they did one? What is their approach (where they cut and enter the skull)? Who is in with the doctor? (Big thing for me is that I did not want a bunch of med students working on me. Yes, I know they need to learn somehow, but not on me) Staples or sutures? What is his/her expectation of recovery? (this varied amongst the docs I saw) Will you see the surgeon every day in the hospital (or just a bunch of residents)? What is the follow up like? (I had an angiogram and CT before I left the hospital and another CT in a few weeks).

One thing that was important to me, was finding a doctor I clicked with. I chose the doctor that I felt was not only the most knowledgeable, but personable as well. I was not just another aneurysm patient, but I was Terri, who happened to have an aneurysm. Try to have someone go to the appointments with you.

Sorry I wrote a book, but I am trying to remember as much as possible since I just went through it.

Best of luck!

Thank you so much Terri. I'll take a book like this any day of the week.

With my short term memory screwing up my Husband goes to all my appointments to be my ears and brain. Thanks again.