How do i delete a post i created?

I posted a pic of a friends meeting but now am having second thoughts of their pic included and i want to delete it, there is no delete button anywhere!

Hi ronk,

did you manage to delete your post yet? If not, to get the delete icon click on the three dots below the post.

Hope this helps,

Christina from Mod Support

Hi! no, i looked everywhere but maybe not beneath it, ty looking now, When i stumbled upon it i was kinda shocked thinking the person or her hubby might not want it posted on here- its a personal matter/choice. Um no there is not 3 dots. Can you delete it? Title is “Jane” Spring of 2016 i think

“comments” have 3 dots but not the post, theres a flag, a bookmark and a toggle is all i can find

Just below each post, in grey, you should see this:
Click on the three dots. Then you will see a garbage can in the lineup. Click it and it’s gone! (It sometimes turns pink, but that means it’s invisible, not to worry.)

Hi ronk, found it: ‘Jane’, posted May 2016.

Can you clarify whether you’d like the whole discussion deleted, or just that photo? I’d imagine it’s the whole discussion as that follows from the photo, but best to be sure.

just the photo, i’m sure Jane would be ok with it but i’m not certain, i
can’t recall if i asked them first as my recall is poor. If this is a
hassle I can ask her if its ok, ty, i will look again for 3 dots but im
certain they are missing, tc

ok there is no 3 dots, when i cliked 3 dots it turns into bookmark icon, three dots gone and no delete icon, this is why i couldnt find 3 dots - i had previously clikked it i guess

its in Photos category, aug 16 entitled Jane"

Hi Ronk!

Photo is deleted :slight_smile: I had to rename the conversation because “Jane” is too short for the new website- it is now called Jane (photo deleted by mod support).


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hi, just so you know we dont have three dots for our posts, initially its there but if you clik on it the dots turn into a bookmark icon. However the replies do have a three dot delete that actually works and a delete button appears

ok i found three dots that worked, sorry for the confusion

Hey ron, that’s OK. There are some features on this site that just aren’t very obvious. I’m still discovering features, even after working with the platform for a couple of years. LOL


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