How can they tell if brain cells were damaged?

Is there testing they do? Does the cat scan or MRI show it? Call me clueless, but I really don't know.


thanks. I am trying to figure out what to do. :/ No health insurance so my options are a bit limited right now.


If there is a medical school near you, you may inquire if there is program that you could participate in that would benefit you and the students.



Carole makes a great suggestion for inquiring at a medical school. While MRI's and PET scans are helpful, Neuropsychology Exams would be better to determine if someone would have cognitive deficits due to damaged brain cells. Good luck!

thank you all. Seattle or Tacoma should have some testing areas, right? off to google.

i had a neuro doppler to make sure everything was working like sonogram but on your head.