Helpful books

My friend and his wife recently published a book called "Damage Control" ,based on his own experience , with tough-love advice for surviving his brain injury. I highly recommend it. Other books are "My Stroke Of Insight" and "Brain Lash" I know these are not specific for brain aneurysms but I found this was the most helpful to me. I was a practicing family physician before I had an aneurysm. I did not learn anything about managing a patient post aneurysm because I was taught that the survival rate was less than 2% but advances in medicine has increased the ability of the medical field to increase the survival rate of aneurysms. I was very loss as to what to do. I had the rehabilitation but I struggled with daily living activities, simple things like remembering to rinse off the left side of my body and defects in my visual memory. So with my own research I found the most helpful were books on other types of brain injury particularly traumatic brain injury. i encourage all to read it or even more helpful for loved ones,caregivers to read for ways they can help the patient!

Great advice Theresa! Thanks so much. Remember folks, with all these electronic gizmos in our reach, we can easily access these books. Purchase or library, just a click away!

Thanks Moltroub! Yes and working on the computer will help train your brain! I also found doing video games helpful as it works my processing speed working memory and short term memory. If I make a mistake it is not a disaster as it is simply a game! My favorite lately is Hay Day

Haven’t tried that one, dare I admit my addiction to The Secret Society? But if I’m on it too long, I’m wiped out, still! I did turn the brightness way down, it’s about 28/30% so I’m not sure if it’s the reflection or the way I challenge myself with naming everything (correctly naming) before I move on.

Thank you Theresa for all the inspiring messages you’ve been posting, it’s very much appreciated!

I've read "My Stroke of Insight" and it was very inspiring. I agree with you Theresa, that reading and understanding more about traumatic brain injury is really helpful as an aneurysm survivor. My aneurysm was found before it ruptured and I had craniotomy to clip the aneurysm nearly a year ago. I have problems with mental fatigue and I now work part time. So whilst I have a lot to be grateful for in that I have not lost too much cognitive function, I can relate to brain injury and having to adjust my life to my new limitations. I will definitely look for "Damage Control" and "Brain Lash", and take a read. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your recovery.

I agree "my stroke of insight was like my bible for awhile since I couldn't get information from our doctors. I will look for damage control and brain lash. It helped me understand so much . I was able to be there the right way for my husband to heal because it's such a slow process if there is a lot of brain damage. I find that even professionals in rehab and day care are not always aware of what you all go thru