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Headaches and body aches 10 years later!

I had a SAH followed by a clipping in 2005. I was fine for the first few years, then all of a sudden I started getting headaches and body aches and it has not gone away. I've gotten tested for EVERYTHING and there is no known cause for these symptoms. Anyone else having headaches/body aches so many years out?

13 years later and I have that too and really tired alot aswell xxx

Jessica …Can u tell me more ant your exoerienc w this? I thought it was just me and it’s so frustrating! So what do you think is the cause? Do you think it’s all related to the surgery?

Hi Ive had two clippings the first one leaked and was 23 years ago the second one only 4 years ago and ever since that one I feel horrible just about every day im 52 and my body aches so much. I can relate to how your feeling but I have no idea on how to find help for it

Shelly how did you know they were leaking?

momof2....has your new testing included the cerebral angios / pseudo-equivalent?

I hat a cerebral angio in 2005 which was normal — since then only MRA / MRI – didn’t want to do another CTA because of the radiation exposure …

Did you look into post-traumatic fibromyalgia? A brain injury can cause this, but fibromyalgia doesn’t show up with testing. fibromyalgia can cause deep, debilitating body aches.

Yea Sigmund I was about to suggest fibromyalgia. My Annie was 20 yrs ago, and I suffer badly with fibromyalgia, along with Raynauds syndrome. I really think the brain surgery does a number to our bodies as a whole. I’m 54 going on 55 now. I was 34 years old when it happened and as I age, the pain gets more debilitating. I was in a fibromyalgia clinical trial but had to drop out prematurely, because the pain was too bad to complete the study. I can barely push a sweeper, now or do laundry or even garden anymore! The pain is a burning pain in my muscles all over and in my bones. It sucks ):

Aglica have you tried anything for the pain?

My doctor put me on 150 mg of Elavil for my pain. After taking it for so long, I couldn’t get up in the mornings because it made me feel so hung over. I also had other side effects. Doctors keep telling me I’m depressed and want me on depression meds. I beg to differ. I don’t want depression meds for pain, I just want relief from pain.

I have had pain in various parts of my body since my annie was (PED) pipelined, 3 1/2 years ago. I seem to fix one part then a few weeks later I have excruiating pain elsewhere. I have had lots if tests that do not show anything. My lower back was painful for a while, now I have a problem with my left shoulder & arm. I have just had a second accupunture treatment & am hoping for some relief. Will let you know how I get on. I have another session booked for Thursday.