After an Angiogram

Hello everyone!!

My father recently went in for an angiogram after suffering a brain aneurysm November. The aneurysm was closed with coiling procedure. And placed a VP shunt. After the angiogram he has been having headaches and feels dizzy often. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms after an angiogram?

Also they found that one of his arteries on the side of his head is closed and that the coil is slightly out. Has anyone else gotten similar results? And what has the doctor informed to do?!?!

Thank you soo much for your answers!!

Hi Suz…anxious to see what answers you get from others on the forum…I go for my 6 mos…and angio next week…since being coiled this past November…I will let everyone know afterwards how I am doing…I am praying for the best…Healing Thoughts and Prayers…to your dad…! Fondly … Colleen

Hi Suz, I had a ruptured annie in Sept, 2010, & had coiling done. I went in for my 6 mos angio & they found that the coiling did not get a piece of the annie. After considerable discussions with 6 more docs they elected not to do anything at this time, but I have to go back in Sept for another angio. If it has changed in any way then they will put a stent in &/or recoil again. I'm hoping for the best. I saw no diffenence in headaches or the way I feel except I itched really bad after the procedure. Its a life changing event but it seems all the survivors feel the same. Best of luck to your father. He is in my thoughts & prayers.


Hi Suz,

One of my arteries is blocked as well but my doctors assures me that the other side is compensating enough and doing the work for both arteries (something about the circle of willis). I guess it depends on which artery is blocked with your Dad. I had coiling with stent in 11 Jan 2011 and had 2 CT Angiograms which gave me headaches and which disappeared after a day. I have learned that you have to drink lots of water to flush the dye out of your system and this works. Also, there might not be enough blood flowing through his brain due to this blockage? I don't know but best to discuss this with his neurosurgeon if the headache and dizziness is constant particularly if the coil being slightly out worries you. Good luck and God bless!

Thank you Colleen! My thoughts and prayers to you as well. I don’t know how all aneurysm survivors do it, you are all very strong individuals!!

Thank you Aggie! My thoughts are prayers to you as well. Like I told Colleen, I don't know how all aneurysm survivors do it, you are all very strong individuals!!

Aggie, when you say the coiling did not get a piece of the annie, what do you mean? That the coil didn't close up the bulge?

Hi Cris, did they recommend you also take aspirin to thin out your blood? Thank you for the advice, I didn’t even think about the fact that the blockage can be causing the dizziness. We definitely need to look into this more. Good luck and God bless to you as well.

I am and will be taking aspirin for the rest of my life. Until a month ago, I was also taking Plavix (an anticoagulant) which I now stopped after doctor's advice. I had mini-strokes after my coiling due to a blockage (not sure if the same one) but my doctors are still investigating - could be some underlying vascular problem. I am still confused about my blocked artery myself but I have a few appointments lined up to discuss this so I will let you know of any outcomes. I am not an expert on this so I would advice that you talk to your dad's doctor. Sometimes, if there is not enough supply of blood to the brain, the brain is deprived of oxygen and might be the cause of the dizziness. Again, ask the doctor and please let me know how you go. All the best.

Hi, How the docs explained to me was that the coiling couldn't get a piece of the annie. He said it couldn't make sharp turns, so it is just sitting there, hopefully not growing. Its hard for me to explain just exactly went wrong. I have learned to just take one day at a time anymore, cause I never know just how I'm going to feel in the morning. It's going on 8 months & I still have the headaches & imbalance. Hope all is going well for your dad.

Aggie sounds like we could be coiled in closeness...I am a wickedly wired watch out for your dad...

Be impressed if he has only one artery that is closed...and, that it was even discussed w/you... it reflects ethics in the neuros involved...if they explaiend why / how / when it was closed...and what can/may be done to fix it...

If they have not...they need to be asked... for their expertise... where the "coil is slightly out" suggest what is commonly called "metallic artifacts"...and, likely the quaifieid, ethical expertise, will explain when that occurred ...what can/may be done to fix it...or if he just needs to meet a wickedly wired woman...

Suz...on the serious, humanitarian aspects...I pray your dad will be in good recovery and that he/you have great respect for the neuros who have done his treatment...I suggest you ask when the coil was visualized and documented as slightly out, how far out and what needs to be done to correct it and keep him from obtaining the title of a wickedly wired...

Suz...many prayers for you all for your dad's recovery...