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Having coil embolization surgery for a aneurysm on PICA


After years of complaining of headaches and my family doctor telling me it was “stress” my doctor then retired. My new family doctor said it sounded like stress aswell but said “let’s check it out anyways” she sent me for my first MRI and CT scan and lesions were found. I was then referred to a neurologist who sent me for more test. Finally i was given an answer, I had an anurysum on my PICA. Because of the location and it’s size 1cm he referred me to an other neurologist who was more experienced with this type of Atipical anurysum. After an angiogram the decision was made to have coil embolization ASAP, and I’m due for surgery on April 11. I’m scared and everything is happening really quickly, and I feel like it hasn’t set in yet. I’m a single mother of to boys and the primary caregiver for my physically handicapped mother, which in my case I have to keep it together and I cannot break down even though I want to. If anyone has had this surgery and can shed some light on the recovery process it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks


Hi Tinar,

I am a survivor of a ruptured aneurym in the vertebral harboring the PICA. In my case, it was a fusiform 8 x 10mm and the NeuroSurgeon coiled the aneurysm. The technique was to sacrifice the parent and reflow in another artery so the PICA could be preserved. I recommend the following for you. Keep a journal how you are feeling today and keep the journal after your surgery. Those journal notes are important when you give your feedback on yourself during follow up consultations. Keep in mind that it is major brain surgery so give yourself time to recover. After the surgery, request all your medical records and NeuroSurgeon notes which will describe exact location (in my case, it is VA-PICA). PICA aneurysm are rare (1-2% of all aneurysm) but since it was caught before rupture, consider it a blessing. If you have further questions, feel feel to private message me. Good luck to you and I hope that you have a successful surgery.

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Hi TINAR, welcome to the select few of aneurysms. My husband had a PICA aneurysm three years ago. Take lots and lots and lots (did I say lots) of time to rest afterwards. Tiredness is is a hallmark of brain injury recovery. You will get through this. You might let your family know that you will need them to help you as you recover. Please keep us informed of your progress. We are here for you.

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