Has this happen to you? I am post op 6 months pipeline procedure


I had a weird episode today. I started seeing kaleidoscope like in my left eye. Lasted about 15 min freaked me out a little.



Hi Camille, I am also 6 month post op since pipeline and coils. No I have never had that happen other than the day after I had some spark like spots in my eye. I am nervous about going off my Plavix. I am being weaned off them and will be done next week. Hoping for the best. Will be on aspirin though. I hope you have no more issues but if you do I would check with your doctor. Have you had your 6 month angiogram? God bless, Deb

Sounds like a migraine aura! I’ve been getting them off and on since I was a teen. I get the aura, not the headache. Mine last 20 min then are gone. Do you have any history of migraines?


Call your doc...ak about getting hearing and vision neuro - level checked...

At 6 months, have you had a f/up angio or other?

For safety...be careful what you are doing...attempting to do...when a kaleidoscope is twirling...they seem to be more dizzied..

Prayers you call your doc(s) and ask about appropriate testing...


so right on the migraine aura...

deb...have you had f/up angio/other at 6 months?

Camille, yes it is a migraine with aura. I have had migraines since I was in my early twenties and never experienced aura until 1 year before I found out about my aneurysm. I had it happen two times. Then after my surgery I had the kaleidoscope aura 3-4 times per week. Now that I am being treated for my migraines I do not have the aura or headaches.

I would check with your doctor just in case they want to do any testing.

~ Carol

Hi Camille...I agree with the other's...you need to call your Doctor...Better to be safe then sorry...

Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Pat, I have only had my 6 month angiogram just last month. Was told everything looked good. Deb

deb...thanks...some of us had more reaction after the f/ups...than the initial / original angios...I am backing off three chapters...

Did your spark like spots disappear?

Yes they have disappeared.

not yet. I expect a call soon

will do

how are you being treated

will do

Is this what you saw? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo139jYAFzA

If so, it's a visual/ocular migraine. I had them around the same time frame in healing as you, and I had the pipeline as well. Where was your annie? Mine was on the branch of the carotid and ophthalmic. I had about 5 of the visual migraines, then they just went away. No explanation. Neurologist thought it had something to do with the progression of healing and the aneurysm getting smaller and smaller due to the stent....allowed more blood flow and the body needed to adjust.

I found the youtube video to explain to my husband who couldn't understand why I was scared to drive. After he saw it, he told me, "free acid trip!" and then let me drive in my own time frame. lol

I'd call your doc just to be sure however.

Hi I’m going in for my 6 month follow up angiogram but I have had the sparks in my eyes everyday since surgery. Everyday. At first I freaked a little but then just got used to them even though they are aggravating at times. As if a sparkler is lit and going of in my eye. I was told by Neuro it’s part of the healing process…I’ve had 4 brain surgeries, one cooling, one craniotomy, one pipeline and another coming up…this is the only one I’ve experienced these flashes with…strange…

I had the same exact thing happen. The first one I experienced however was in the hospital the morning after I had the surgery. It freaked me out a bit as I thought it was something going wrong with the surgery. I was checked by my doctor and the entire neuro team. He asked if I would feel more comfortable staying another night. I gave myself a time limit of 4 hours and figured if it didn’t come back in that time period I would go home. It didn’t come back and I went home. I have had it 2 more times after and I am 6 months post op pipeline flow diverter for 2 Internal Carotid Anuerysms. What made me really nervous was the Anuerysms were on my right side behind my right eye. The same eye that was experiencing this. After looking at the You tube video it put my mind at rest that this doesn’t have anything to do with the Anuerysms. Hope that is helpful.

Yes. I’ve had this in the periphery of my right eye several times. Very strange. No pain or headache associated with it. I’ve found if I go outside in the dark or to a dark room, it goes away after several minutes.