2 year survivor, good news

I just got back home after my two year follow up appointment with my neurosurgeon. I had an MRI last week. The aneurysm is gone, excluded from the circulation and I was told to stop the Aspirin 325mg and start with to 81mg :dancer:t2:
I asked about the squiggly lines that I have seen maybe five times in the outer edge of my left eye, it usually lasts for half a minute, no other symptoms. The first time it happened was directly after the stent surgery. He told me that this is nothing to be worried about, if we have complications from the stent procedure it usually happens directly or within the next six months and I had the surgery 18 months ago.
He told me to go on living my life and see you again in two years. :pray:t2::raised_hands:t2:


now, i’m no doctor, but if the squiggly lines are little light-up ones like the one’s i’ve gotten, kinda there and then not, i’ve been an eye doc and they said it’s basically like the brain adjusting. it’s kind of a ‘migraine aura’ feature, but without the actual migraine. like how some people see geometric patterns (i have, too!) or scintillations, etc. they told me not to worry about it either. and they did end up fading (but then again, i am only in my 4th month post surgery! so we’ll see) and i only occasionally get one now and then.

you could try magnesium? it did help my auras. but then again, like i said, i’m no doc and only have my own squiggly line experience to speak of lol


I have figured out that many of us have experienced the same thing with zigzag patterns or squiggly lines. Everyone has said that they were told not to worry. It doesn’t happen often for me, only five or six times in 18 months. It felt good to hear the neurosurgeon telling me not to worry, and my eye doctor said the same thing. It’s not a problem for me, I just wanted the doctor know about it.
Today is a good day.


I had some blurs appear in my vision after my embolisation and again after my check up angiogram at about 8 weeks post op. A doc I spoke to attributed them to the contrast material irritating something in my brain.

At about that time, I also happened to read “Migraine” by the late Oliver Sacks. I would say it is quite a technical - medic oriented - book, not intended for easy reading but I discovered that the visual effect I had was a scotoma. I think a scintillating scotoma; maybe a negative scotoma. In the book, there is an almost exact representation of what I could see. Quite remarkable to find such a thing!

Of the other things that I’ve read in the book so far, the most interesting is that Sacks separates migraine from epilepsy and both of these from similar effects driven by some abnormality. Thus, he would clearly distinguish between a “normal” Migraine (my words) and one which is merely “migraine-like” (his words) driven by an AVM or tumour or any other abnormality, I’d say including the aftermath of an operation.

The one thing that might help us in this forum is Sacks’ view that migraine aura are almost always bilateral – that the sensations may start in one hemisphere but almost always transgress into the other hemisphere. His view is that any apparent migraine that doesn’t traverse the body should be treated with strong suspicion. In other words, there may be some less benign thing driving the apparent migraine.

Equally, whilst I had a scotoma, it was not – by Sacks’ definition – caused by “migraine” but by some other factor.

I hope this helps one or two people…

Best wishes,



Happy day of dancing! Congratulations! It’s great news when we are told that our ruptured aneurysms are no longer active in the artery. The two year mark is the best ever and I for one am glad you made it! Again congratulations, you should see the smile on my face just for you!


Thank you :blush:

I get those auras too. Been getting them for years. My surgeries were 6 years ago. I notice them most when I’m stressed. Mine last 20 minutes but I can function while having them. It’s just part of my new normal. Look up silent migraines and it will show you the aura. I do take magnesium.

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This is a typical timespan, as I understand it.

I was not allowed to drive while I experienced them because I had just had surgery. Nonetheless, I was disturbed by the fact that a segment of my eyesight became blurred, as you say, for up to 20 minutes. But I think it would have been allowed for me to carry on driving with these, as they manifest quite slowly, starting small before growing to cover more of my sight: it would be perfectly possible to find a refuge safely, even on the motorway, if I were to have the occasional bout today.

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Mine are the same, start small and then grow and then gone. I keep an excel sheet on date and how long. I mostly get them once a month sometimes they space to 2 months. Like I said, new normal. I’ve been to an eye specialist and they didn’t see anything so I just live with it.
I just looked at my sheet and they started almost a year after surgery.


Congrats! Such a great day to hear the aneurysm has gone. I had squiggly lines floating dots plus much more - Charles Bonnet syndrome. Vision takes up such a large part of the brain and any little bit that get effected can cause changes to your sight. Its has been 15 years since they found my aneurysm and 10 years since it was stented and I still have visual symptoms. :slight_smile:


December 12, 2020 will be 2 years since my 2nd aneurysm - 1st one was 30 years ago. (Different location in my brain but on my right side each time). 5 wks. ago, I went to my ophthalmologist due to flashing white/dark squiggly lines appearing when I turn my head to the right. After testing - all is well no diseases/issues - I was told the brain will eventually ignore them. As of this week, I don’t see them anymore. Continue to be an advocate for yourself and keep living your best life making memories. #NanaD


Congratulations on your 2 year milestone! That’s awesome and an inspiration to those of us who are in the earlier stages of post-aneurysm.


Congrats, that’s wonderful news🎉
Did you have the flow diverter stent(PED)? Also what were your scans at 6months? I’m 6 months out from PED for fusiform and outpouching. TIA!

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Best of luck to you and your recovery.
I have a Codman Neuro stent in my right ACA. They also inserted more coils in my broad neck aneurysm when they put in the stent. I was told that he had planned to use a flow diversion stent, but due to the shape of my artery and location of the aneurysm, he chose a different method.
My 6 month angiogram showed that the stent had moved slightly but it was still doing its job, my neurosurgeon told me that this was nothing to worry about, he also told me that 1 millimeter at the base of the aneurysm was still filling with blood and it was impossible for him to pack any additional coils in there. He also said that he didn’t think that I would ever need any more procedures in my lifetime.
My following checkup was with a MRI/MRA in October this year. The aneurysm is now occluded and is no longer a part of the main circulation.

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