Has anyone hear of the Pauling therapy

I have read that cardiovascular problem are caused by a deficiency of collagen in the arteries. The human liver does not produce vitamin C, which is necessary for creating collagen in the body, therefore intake of vitamin C is essential. Has anyone heard of the Pauling therapy? Does it work in strengthening the arteries? Also, does anyone know what a person could do to prevent such a horrible thing from happening and also are there any measures that one could take to prevent reoccurence? It seems that it is not always, almost never related to the life style (my mother does not smoke, drink or eat junk food).

I think there is a genetic component that predisposes you to aneurysms, regardless of your lifestyle. I am young, healthy, never smoked, played soccer and ran half marathons and had an aneurysm clipped 5 weeks ago. I have a family history of aneurysms on both my mom and dad’s side.

I have read a bit about the vitamin C thing and also read garlic was suppose to help…not sure how! I asked my surgeon and he said there is nothing to eat that would reduce the likelihood of an aneurysm. I believe there may be no scientific truth to it but I figure some vitamin C might not hurt me anyway. :slight_smile:

I figure at this point I will just try to be as healthy as I can with both eating and exercise and hope I never have to go through this again.

Take care!