Hallucinations after Brain Aneurysm

Hello all,

i need your help urgently, about a situation referring to my dad.

my dad had a ruptured brain Aneurysm (at right side frontal head) after a month and a week (where he had litte brain stork because of the vasem-spazem that effects a little his right leg, and had hydrocephalus and because of that has a shunt now in his brain) he woke up from his coma.

he went to rehabilitation hospital , where there he started to eat again talk again, and walk again, during those times hes major prombles where:

1. Hallucinations about metting and things he does(that didnt happend of course).

Hallucinations about that there a nazis and they are trying to kill him, that he his still and the army or police(which both he finished along time ago and he his in pension now) and if you tried to correct him he would get annoyed and angry

2. shory term memory ( a problem i understand most of the ruptured brain aneurysm people have)

3. cant progess what he sees to words correctly.

the second and first promblem are getting little better every time( lots of working with him and private rehab)

the rehabilitation hospital he left 2 month ago , and since then he is at home.

the first problem every doctor gives us different pill and they all said it will go away, but and didnt so far and it even got worst during the last days.

do anyone here knows or heard about Hallucinations after Brain Aneurysm (6 months later!!)
that can be because of brain aneurysm? if someone had this problem did the person got better after some months or years? or stayed like that all his life ( :-( )

if someone can help me it will be so great

thx alot ahead

Please talk to your Dad's Doctor ... I donot know if this is normal or not...~ keep us posted... Colleen


If your Father is elderly, anesthesia medication can have a profound long lasting effect. Of course there are many other reasons as well. Hope he gets well soon!

i just dont get it and so frustrated i search the web for hours and not on article about Hallucinations after brain aneurysm or brain storke

what could it be my father is the first one in the all world????????

No Oren...not necessarily, but maybe no one on this site has experienced...or haven't read your post...

I agree with Ed...many medications can cause some ill~effects...again...what is the Doctor's telling you?

~ and often many of us have found Doctors donot know enough about the brain...

since the begging the all said his confusion and Hallucinations will go , he has them because he was in a coma for a month and half so it takes the brain time to regroup it self.

but its now 7 months later he got better with his walking reading but not with the confusion and Hallucinations of time and place.

and no like others thar read here still till this point doesnt remember the day that he had the aneurysm and wont except that he had a brain aneurysm

hi Oren-i recall thinking there were cats & children in the hospital after the coma- i also believed my neighbor was there - it took days for me to realize there were none of these present-now i wonder was it a vivid dream or just conjured up stuff-i didnt tell anyone about this but eventually sorted it out-our thoughts and prayers are with you & yours- i believe your dad will improve since i have come so far along. Don't ever feel alone we are with you and most important God is with you .keep the faith brother. We must be our own advocates and right now your dad needs you to help which you are trying to do,also doon't give up on the doctors some medications work better on different people and it takes them a while to find one thats helpful.Your dad will be proud of you ,so dont give up-talk with him as much as possible but not when hes tired or appears he wants to be alone for a while.when he has the disillusions just tell him your his son & he is xx yrs old-& you may have to do this over & over -which will be difficult. i thought surely they are wrong 99 times then one day i realized the bitter truth-good luck-you can be of great help-oh also do you have other family or friends that can help?

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I had to watch my Mother-In-Law descend the same way after colon surgery. She was 68 at the time. If I can find the information on the effects of anesthesia and hallucinations I'll post it here.

it got worse and worse with no cure???

3 yrs post and i dont remember the entire day-they said i left work early???also i drove car 45 min to a resort & dont remember any of that either,and dont remember the helicopter ride during the ordeal- guess i never will

Hi Oren,

I dont know about Hallucinations after about Aneurysm bleed out but I do know about hallucinations. The bleed out and everything that followed was a really big trauma. We are all born with a stress threshold and noone knows what that is until we hit it. People can start hallucinating when their mind goes beyond this threshold and what happens is that they loose the boundaries between fantasy and reality. ie. Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. A Clinical psychologist can help with this. Drugs can cause hallucinations. You could ask for a drug sensitivity test to be done if you have not already done so. At least you can try these things if his neuro cannot help with an explanation. I hope this is helpful . Just making suggestions. I will pray for you and your Dad.

It didn't get better Oren, but the bright side is that we got that extra time, for better or worse. I'm so sorry that you, or anyone has to go through this.

I had an aneurysm clip in 2010 & one left alone. These both were found via MRI in trying to find out the cause of tintinitus (constant sound in my right ear) back in 2007. It was found to be caused by a rare brain condition called Superficial Siderosis. A bleeding between the brain and skull. This condition is hard to diagnosis cause the severity of symptoms vary and as with mine the source of the initial bleeds could not be determined. There is no cure or treatment, it's a progressive neurological condition. The blood that has bled forms "iron deposits" on the brain that remain and cause more symptoms as time goes on.

Visual and auditory hallucinations are something I experiece. At first they really freaked me out. I sometimes see sounds as colors or flashes of light. I hear music when none is being played. I see things that are not really there. I am 53 years old, and also have early stages of demetia. Which started after the afore. I have learned to accept these things and deal with them and not let them control me. Yes it is a battle but I won't give up or give in.

Dementia could be the cause of what is happening to your Father, I don't know. But it seems he is living in the past. His brain may be trying to rewire itself but got stuck in the early 1940's. Do you have photo albums, that you could show him from that time to present? But maybe showing the photos of the present and back to the past, may be better. Then he starts with the here and now first. Other family members, his friends that could help him get up to date slowly? You don't want to overload with too much too fast. Keeping the mind active and not letting his brain drift off. Again slowly. Talk about his hobbies, interests and things that made him happy. Giving back small pieces of his life so his brain will rewire with the positive.

Medication from doctors is there way of saying I don't know what else to do, take a pill. I saw a psychiatrist when I started the various halucinations. She prescribed a medication that I took daily for about 6 days with a increased dose on the 7th day. On that day I ended up in bed with so much head pain I thought I was never going to get out of bed again. I stopped taking the pills and 3 days later of being in bed felt better and was able to eat again and of course the pain went away. She said I had an allegercic reaction, and prescribed me something else. This time I looked the medication up online. Wow, the side effects were horrible even the possibility of death. Never took them or saw her again.

Research any medication your father is taking, cause he could be suffering from side effects or allegeric reactions.

I am not a professional, just a person who has and continues to deal with a life from a different prespective.

Hope you find solutions to help your Father.

Ron K,
My father keeps asking me if I have seen the critters ( cats & dogs) in the ICU. We were thinking that he was simply imagining them but he was so insistent. Then we saw a therapy dog on the floor & assumed this must have been where he got it from. I find it interesting that someone else saw the same thing - real or imagined. I’m going to do some digging if there is a link. Was you’s an induced coma?

i not sure if coma was induced-i dont think so-even odder was i saw twins about 2 or 3 yrs old and they were on the foot of my bed- i thought they belonged to the nurse who i thought was nurse kim from the nursing home where i worked-i thought this is strange bringing your kids to work but i thought oh well theyre not bothering me so what do i care? They looked like little angels-maybe they were!

I am currently struggling with the same issue and my father. Have you had any success or any resolve?