Deprastion of Dad situation

Hello all,

some read my older posts and know me and some im new to them

ill start wish all your brain aneurysm survivors all the good and health and best recovery of the world.

my dad(64 years) had a ruptured brain aneurysm at 29.12.11 at after coil up the aneurysm and having a minor vazospazem and a shunt to his head he woke up at early February and went to rehab.

up till now here are the problems :

1) Major problem is his hallucinations every morning he wakes and make stories about opetments he has, cars and boots he needs to return to the police (was a police man now on pantion) or the army and no matter what you say to him he knows best everybody is wrong except him and until he goes to sleep his noon sleep it wont pass.

we tried so many pills but the doctors here in Israel are cluless and im staring to get depressed about this + also doesn't help that when we tell him he had aneurysm he won except it ( like all of you do) and thinks everying is ok with him and he has nothing to work on to improve himself.

2) short term memory lost are the games or ideas to try and work with him to improve that?

3) sight is little worst lots of it is cognitive anyone knows or had this and got better by the years.

4) he less smiling or showing emotions when I user to watch with him soccer used to be more emotioned when there was a goal for our team or sad against us now he watches the game and sits for 90 minutes with out moving? does those things also take time cause I see and read people here even after the brain aneurysm more lively and happy and show emotions

thx a lot ahead to people who read and reply

Hi Oren...I hate this for you and your family, but at a loss what to say to improve the be honest, your dad sounds like my dad...(except my dad didn't have an aneursym)...he has Alzheimer's...has any of the Neurologists suggest testing your dad for Alzheimer' is awful to see one go through this disease...we are is in the early stages and he has all of us to help him...esp my mother...alot that has helped my dad they tell us ... is the constant stimulation he gets...he walks 4 miles everyday, my sister does newspaper crossword puzzle everyday with him...and everyone gets him out and about...I know what I have wrote most likely hasn't helped you...but it is just a thought...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

i think its still early-ive been improving at a snails pace for 3 yrs. Sports were impossible to watch early on-i cant see out of the left side of both eyes, so the ball would go into the dark side of the tv screen- i never knew where the ball was, also keeping score was very difficult-2 minutes later you forget-its kind of like your drugged or intoxicated.The "happy" your reading about is just glimpses of the whole story-we are battling to be positive & supportive. I was depressed much more than the happy i may have reported because i want to help others. It does take time- i still can't watch sports,play guitar or drive my car BUT 3yrs ago i could not walk or tie my shoes or bathe even and thank God now i can. And no- i did not accept annie at first-1st-confused 2nd, denial 3rd-frustration/anger then finaly you learn to accept grudgingly.Be patient i still think things will improve. hang in there-2yrs ago i would not be able to sit here typing for hours like i do now-think i need a nap!!good luck & may God bless you all!

Hi Oren,

If you haven’t done so already, please check the side effects of any meds and supplements that your father is taking, especially any that have been added in recent months. Please also make sure that he is getting enough water. Many meds can cause hallucinations and dehydration can produce symptoms that mimic dementia.

Good luck to you and your dad. May God be with you both.