Is hairloss normal after an aneurism? I am losing it so far just in the back at the base of my skull? I have never had hairless before. that said I am losing a lot and Im terrified

I’m doing a little internet browsing and still think it’s probably the dye, though it could of course be stress or perhaps one of your medications if you have been prescribed something. Meds are pretty easy to rule out by looking up each one and seeing if it’s in any of the side effects, even the rare ones. Stress is a conundrum as we have to know ourselves to know if we’re stressed and then learn to handle it in whatever safe way works for us. My go to is relaxation breathing first. I can usually tell right away if I’m going down that rabbit hole because I feel it in my spine, if I ignore it, then my jaw tightens. Different people have different tells.

The dye takes hydrating and electrolytes for me to get it out of my system, so Gatorade and water. Decades ago I worked at a place that made Gatorade on the “off season”. I thought it kool aide with lots of sugar (fructose and sucrose) and salt. There wasn’t many flavors back then, a gallon of flavoring to 1000 gallons of filtered water, one of the flavors had 54 pounds of salt. We had to weigh the salt and the sugars we just opened a valve and counted, then the testing including taste testing just like each vat of apple juice or apple cider we sent to bottling. When I finally left that job, I vowed never to drink the stuff again ROFLOL. When I was told to drink it again, we were in Walmart and oh my gosh all the choice! Luckily there was a young man and woman. He was telling her what flavors he liked and I told BH to just get what he was getting I was a bit overwhelmed with the noise, light and choices since I’d just been released from ICU. Now I have about three or four flavors I like. I’ve also tried Drip Drops and a powder with different flavors.

But here’s what I found. Radiation-Induced Temporary Alopecia After Embolization of Cerebral Aneurysm - PMC

Seems there’s a bit more information with the dermatology sites.