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I just joined tonight and thought this would be a perfect place to ask this - has anyone experienced hair loss after a ruptured aneurysm? After the coiling, I developed vasospasms. To treat these, I had about 5-6 angiograms to injected medication into my brain. I believe I’ve read that angiograms can cause hair loss. About 2 weeks after my last angiogram, I started losing significant amounts of hair. Doctors keep telling me is from the stress, but the hair loss is just on the back of my head, almost at the base of my hairline/neck. Has anyone else been through this?! How long did it last and how long did it take for the hair to grow back? I’ve seen a dermatologist and have gotten some treatment from her, but just wondering if anyone else can relate?! Thanks!

Hi Tory,

My wife had clipping surgery 20 years ago and she had the same problem. She started using minixodil 2%. Her Doctors now comment on her hair and how thick it is - and it is. She can now afford to part with some for me - but the color is all wrong! Hope this info helps.


Hi Tori - I lost alot of hair after my would fall out by the handful in the shower. My doctor told me it was from all the stress the body goes through. It continued to fall out for about 4 to 5 months. I'm not sure if it just started slowing down on its own as I continued to improve or if it was the Garnier Fall Fight shampoo and conditioner I started using, but it did finally stop. Took a year for it to grow back - I am happily back to the pony tail look that is so easy to do :)

Hi Tori...from time to time...people post about hair loss...and I must tell you I was coiled with a leaky brain aneurysm and I had thinning hair in the back of my head...but after about one year or so it got better and grew in...I think like everything in this journey it takes time...but glad you are seeing a dermatologist for the hair loss...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate it! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone!

I wanted to provide an update, in case someone finds this post and is suffering from hair loss as well. It’s now almost 4 months since I initially lost a significant amount of hair, on the back of my head. I saw the dermatologist about a month ago. They did several cortisone injections, which seem to have had a significant impact on my hair growth. It’s now growing back nicely. I still have a small area that will probably require more injections next week, when I see the dermatologist for a follow-up, but I’m really happy with the results so far! I feel like I still have some all over thinning, but am hoping that will resolve soon too! I’ve heard that’s common in people that have had a significant stressor/health issue in their life.

Tori...first ...welcome ot this group...we all hope we can share so much...

Will you share the name of your injections?

I went thru the totally clogging my shower drain...I was so dense then, that I was standing in 2-4" of not yet drained water...during my shower / shampoo... had to call in for help...when I finally wondered what was, what may be, causing the water not to drain... i.e. a plugged drain...not even the cause... After getting the drain cleaned, etc...A friend found an extra screen cover for the drain.

We all experience so much hair loss...and, it is just one of the issues many of us experience...which are not covered w/us a-head of time...or on discharge...

It has been a long time since a new member has brought up hair loss..Again, welcome...


Hello, Tori/all. I experienced a ruptured a/SAH with coiling. I have been on so many different meds including scalp Botox, IV Lidocaine and IV DHE. I thought maybe meds were the culprit. My doc says, it is due to stress. My cosmetologist recommended Nioxcin products (shampoo, conditioner, etc). I have only been using it for 1 month. The hair loss seems to have slowed or stopped. I am hoping it works. I already have fine, thin hair. =)

Hi, Pat. The dermatologist used cortisone. She said it helps the body to react to that and stop attacking the hair follicles. It seems to have worked wonders! I am going to try the Nioxin products as well, just because I feel like I’m having all over thinning. But as far as losing the hair in a fairly big spot, the cortisone worked really well!

Have you tried Nioxin Cleanser (shampoo) and Scalp Therapy (conditioner)? It use to be prescription only for those who lost hair taking chemo but now its sold in beauty supply stores, some beauty shops. You only need a small amount of scalp therapy rub into your scalp let stay in hair until your ready to get out of shower then rinse it out. I lose hair from thyroid disease and Nioxin does help. I use #4 even tho I don't color my hair seems to work better than other #'s. I'm new to this as just found out I have a small aneurysm and have not yet decided what treatment will be done but I'm glad to know hair loss can happen especially since mine is very thin and fine. thank you

Is the coiling procedure painful? thank you

Hi, placing the coil was not painful to me. I was given IV anesthesia and awoke after the procedure was all done. Access to the site to be coiled is done by threading a small catheter up to the brain through the femoral area (in the groin area). It is a complex procedure for the physician which is why neurologist spend so many years specializing in their field. Neurology fellowships are among the longest , if not THE LONGEST. Since the femoral artery is the entry site, pressure is applied and you will remain laying down for several hours to avoid bleeding from the artery. But…in answer to your question; it should not be painful. =)

thank you for sharing. I have very low pain tolerance and I am very sensitive to pain which any pain becomes more than it really is most of the time, I am happy to know anesthesia is used for the coiling procedure as that is what I will probably have to have. If you don't mind me asking how is your situation after coiling with aneurysm no more problems? I'm told mine is very small and bottom back side of my head. I am glad I joined this group as the information I am receiving from the site and from you wonderful people who share your stories is wonderful. thank you so much

Thanks, Carol for the information. Nioxin is on my list to purchase. Once I get it and use it awhile, I’m sure I’ll post some updates. The coiling itself was not painful. I did wake up from the anethesia early, when the tube was still in my throat, which was the only part I remember and that was uncomfortable. I’d think that’s rare though to wake up during it. My anuerysm ruptured, twice before the coiling was done, so my situation after the coiling is different than yours, especially if you go in as more of a preventive measure. I had some complications because of how compromised my brain was going into it. It should be a piece of cake for you after, with very little recovery time! Good luck! Keep us posted how things go! :slight_smile:

I also was told my hair loss was due to stress, but I think it was the X-ray they used on the back of my head. It finally came back but it took about one year. It will come back!

Hi, Carol/all. You asked if we have experienced any problems since the coiling procedure. I understand mine went smoothly, without any problems. My residual problem is not from the coiling procedure. I have headaches, everyday, due the rupture with SAH.
If you have yours coiled before it ruptures, it sounds like the best case scenario. =)

Yes, and yes. Stress and then some. Handfuls of hair, but I also had that after giving birth/breastfeeding my children..then AGAIN after rupturing (twice) seems never ending

BUT.. The shocker was After surgery in Nov. (failed, went for PED stent) because of the long(er than usual) exposure to radiation I had clumps of hair come out!! pretty scary!!!

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Articles to read!!

and radiation dose chart:

Thank you for the information!

You are magnificent for providing this info... thank you so much...



Tori, there is a condition called Alopecia which is basically "hair loss due to stress". If anything may cause stress it may be exactly what we all go through. I'm surprised the dermatologist never mentioned this. Also some meds, specifically Topomax which is commonly used in our treatment (not sure if you are on it), have two main side effects. The first is the build up of pressure behind the eyes, which is a problem for those of us with an ophthalmic aneurysm, the other is hair loss. Hope this helps. Carol