Hair loss

My husband had a ruptured brain aneurysm which they coiled on January 15th of this year, he is doing excellent, but just has a few questions…he had some seizures while in the hospital so he has been on a medication called Valporic Acid for the seizures and he has a bald patch on the back of his head that is in the shape of a C, which is very weird…anyone else have that? Also he is now getting some tremors in his hand when he is eating? He doesn’t go back to see the Neurosurgeon until end of next week?

Hi Jackie

Yeah the tremors would also concern me, maybe a call to the NeuroSurgeon might be in order? It certainly can't hurt, right? as for the "C" shaped bald spot, I don't have a clue on that. Let us know, peace, Janet

Thanks, I will let you know!


I had several angiograms and coiling and was warned about hair loss due to the amount of radiation used during the tests and procedure. In the end, my hair didn't fall out but I had a circular area of tenderness on the back of my head for several weeks. Pictures in the medical literature are often of curved patches of hair loss. That may be what it is. My reading suggests it gets better with time.

Is the tremor only one side? There may be some remaining weakness in the hand or arm muscles on that side following the rupture. Weakness can cause tremor. I'd suggest mentioning it to the surgeon next week so he can be examined for weakness etc.


Hi sure to write down all of this so you can talk to the Neurosurgeon about it...wishing you a good day...~ Colleen

Thanks so much, I will definitely talk to the Neurosurgeon about it. Yes it seems to be his right hand only. He did have major weakness on that side in the hospital but it got better. He was eating soup the first time it happened, it scared him to death. I try to keep him as calm as possible, it’s so scary! I also do hope that, his hair does grow back in that spot, people star at him when he doesn’t have his hat on, and it bothers him because he thinks everyone is looking for him to do something wrong! It’s so nice to talk to someone about all of this!

Thanks so much, you have a wonderful day too!