Had my Aneurysm 11 years ago on Jan!

I had a cerebreal Aneurysm in my left frontal lobe on Jan 1,2000. I lost my sense of taste and smell. I have however tasted 1 time and smelled 2 times for about 20 min. in over 11 years. My right arm and hand is numb. I also have severe naseau and vomiting on an almost daily basis. Sometimes more than once a day. Those are about the only things wrong to date. My sister had one 6 weeks after mine and has not tasted or smelled either but doesn’t have the naseau or numbness. I didn’t have surgery nor did my sister, and after reading the stories on here i now feel very lucky. The Good thing is we are alive…

I’m so glad to hear you and your sister are here today! Gives me so much hope to hear that life is going to go on!

Mike, it is absolutely amazing for you to not have some treatment if symptoms were strong enough to secure diagnosis?

Do you have regular follow-up / monitoring?


Ever since my sister and I got out of the hospital we have had no follow ups at all…After joing here and reading the stories I am concerned…

congratulations to both you and your sister...that is a absolute miracle for the both of you to still be here able to tell about your story...God bless and i pray you both have many wonderful years ahead of yall..God bless

Congrats Mike! My clipping of a basilar artery annie was on 3/18/1998. I don’t have any follow-up either. I was told it wasn’t needed. I also lost my sense of taste & smell (except sometimes I can smell bad things like bus exhaust fumes but only occasionally) and luckily that is my only side effect. I was told the loss of taste & smell is because that is centered above or behind the nose and it sort of got smashed while they did my surgery. 1 year later I went to a dinner for the BAF and many of us survivors from the area were there. We greeted each other with “was your brain dropped” (meaning that taste/smell center got smashed when the brain was dropped into the skull to do the surgery)? Most of us there had lost taste/smell. Given the choice of the other senses, I can give that one up! It caused a little problem post surgery because I was eating alot! I didn’t realize how much eating is based on smell and taste, which I couldn’t do. Now I eat correct portions and try to listen to my stomach as to when I am full. The good part is, odors of really good food doesn’t make me eat them because I don’t get the odors! No more overeating! The anniversary of surgery is always special! I am glad things are going well for you and your sister with many more years to come!!!

Congrats Survivor’s.

Told my sister about this site and all the wonderful people and stories..She's going to join also..I feel so blessed..