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Great tip - Popsicles! Great to have to help with a headache

I discovered this and now I have every colour of the rainbow of Popsicle in my freezer at all times. Try it! Let me know if it helps for you.


I realise this was many years ago posted but did popsicles really help with headaches? Any explanation as to how why this works?

So just for any newbies that may look, popsicles, (ice blocks here in australia) help tremendolusly with pain management and are much quicker then waiting for paracetamol to kick in. Give them a try, especially in the summer heat.

Will try… couple time ice cream helped for tense headaches to me …

Not being a medical professional I have no idea if this is really true…however, I’ve had neurologically complicated migraines for 30 years.

What I’m thinking is that cold sensation in your mouth is triggering a reaction, much like a “brain freeze headache” or an “ice cream headache” but because you already have a headache the cold is creating a positive response in the sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia – which is that bundle of trigeminal nerves found on the roof of your mouth. Rather than triggering pain, since you’re already having pain, it’s helping reduce pain.

Not that I know this for a fact but the logic seems to add up.


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