Brain Freeze

This might sound like a silly question but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I had 2 clippings done in June of this year. Everything went well, I don't have a problem with headaches or anything but I've noticed that when I drink something really cold I get an excruciating brain freeze. I've had them before my clipping and while they were uncomfortable they're like 10x's worse now. I drank a frappe last night and thought that my daughter was going to have to call an ambulance, the pain was excruciating.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Valerie. I get them also very bad (before & after clipping) and the pain goes from the brain, eyes and down into my chest area sometimes. I don't know if the severity we get them at is normal. From what I know most people get them, aneurysm or not. I read somewhere that if you touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue before your first sip it is supposed to eliminate the pain. I keep forgetting to try it and not sure how true that is. It honestly scares me more since the clipping. Curious to see what others say. Jeanne

i do with icecream and the cold weather i wont say as bad as yours but bad.i wear a hat :)

Hi, Valerie. I have always experienced brain freeze with ice cream. And, yes…I have noticed it is more painful following my ruptured Annie and treatment. From what I understand from my doc, the first year or so following a rupture our cerebral nerves are hypersensitive. I think I will agree! (:>

The hypersensitivity makes sense, thanks Teresa!

I'll have to stay away from the frappes for awhile, which considering the calories will be a good thing :)