Great news

I just got the results of my MRA , both clipped and coiled anuerysms looked so good I was told I don’t have to come back for 5 years!
I do have questions .

  1. I have memory loss , and have trouble with numbers , is this normal? it normal to stutter and struggle to get words out ?

That’s great news. I’d ask the doctor about your other issues. If you don’t feel “normal” you have valid concerns.


Great News...!

I can't help with your questions, because I have neither problems...but I am sure you will get many answers from others...

Have a Great evening...! Colleen

That is GREAT NEWS!!!!...I am so happy for you.. :)



That is the best news ever! and I am with you on the numbers and trying to get words out, but that might be menapause for me! talk to your Dr. I so don’t know if it well go away! good luck, 5 years? gee that is amazing!

First, congrats on your pleased for you... can all be normal for us... Were you referred for neuropsych testing and therapies to help you in recovery?

The words issue is language expression normally called aphasia...I have aphasia, both receptive and expressive...and more

All of our changes are somehow related to the various cranial nerves that may have been affected.. and, then the lobe connection. The temporal lobe relates to memory...i.e. the anterior portion to short-term memory; the medial portion to learning memory related to the hippocampus and long-term memory. the aphasiavary by the areas...Wernicke's and Broca...You may want to pull up data off the 'net and ask your me/neuro for help...Temporal lobe relates to hearing / noise.words come thru our ears...

Remember, this is my personal, non-degreed, non-licensed input...but may help you in asking your md/neuro to explain your symptoms and give the referrals..for neuropsych testing and potential therapy. You are blessed if you do not have any vision or hearing loss... balance loss, etc.