Great Article -->Should Family member be Tested for Aneurysms/AVMs?

This is a great article from Tamala Jones who stars on ABC's hit show; "Castle", and a spokesperson for the Foundation! I thought it would be good to share this as a "discussion post" as I've been seeing a few posts lately inquiring on when and how often our family members be screened for Aneurysms. Noted below is one of many great takeaways from this article that helps to address something we all probably think about.

"Our recommendation is for any individual who has two or more relatives (such as a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or cousins) with a Brain Aneurysm to be screened for Aneurysms starting in their twenties and then every 5 to 10 years thereafter,” says Christine Buckley, executive director of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.…/Brain_Matters__Actress_Tamala_Jon…

I'm so excited to be back being a "9 to 5'er" (heading back to Corporate America!) bright & early tomorrow morning and will drop by when I'm able; but less frequently than I have been in the past.

Love-Light-n-Hugs to ALL --> the 3 things that truly matter the most in Life --> and I thank the "member" community for always giving me all 3 :-)!


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Michele, Good luck in the new job and thanks for sharing this! We watch Castle - a lot! It’s nice to know Tamala Jones is going to help out BAF.

You're most welcome Moltroub; I've been hooked on Castle for quite a long time and it's Great to see "Lanie Parish" going public with her Aneurysm story in support of helping to raise Awareness with the BAF :)! Thanks for the well wishes on the new job --> going into Week 2 today and it just keeps on getting better and better. Things do and can get better & better, IF and only IF, we keep "Believing" they will. If we say we can't, we won't; BUT if we just say we can; we WILL! We have to look at our deficits as a springboard to Live the Life we were Blessed with the 2nd chance to Live -- with all the tragic losses we've heard about recently; we truly are the Lucky Ones to be here to talk about it & for that I'm most Thankful! Have yourself a great week Moltroub!

You too Michele! Positivity does beget positivity:). Have a great second week!