Got my angiogram results

Marie Pugliese -good luck with the angiogram, thanks for sharing such positive thoughts!

Hi all, I had two ruptured aneurysms three years ago. One was 13mm & the other 4.5mm. They were both coiled. I have angios every 2 years to check on them. I also have a tiny third aneurysm which they are just keeping their eye on. I had no warning signs before my previously undetected aneurysms ruptured - no headaches & I felt great that day. However, my life has changed considerably as a consequence and personally I would have treatment as soon as it is offered.
Wishing you all the luck in the world and very best wishes, Kim xx

Get an opinion about the pipeline embolization device Vs. clipping in your case. But in any case better do something than nothing, you will feel better overalll with time, and reduce the stress of knowing that you have one. Look for this other option in youtube.

If it were me I would do it as soon as convenient. Mine was larger at angiogram than at the MRI.. It was larger still at the time of the coiling procedure. Mine was giant 25cm. It has been coiled twice and I have a stent. I just had my 2 year checkup angiogram today and the Dr said it has completely sealed up now. No blood is getting in it. I don't have to get a checkup next year. Just an MRA in 2 years to check it. Coiling was not a bad experience for me, either time. One night in the hospital and back to work in a week. Well worth it to prevent a rupture,which could be life changing.

I wouldn’t wait. Especially since it’s growing. I had c oiling 5 years ago. Still ok

I would do something about it before it ruptures. Mine was 11mm and caused a grade 4 sah, I’m still recovering more than a year on and was very lucky to survive it at all. Either process has its advantages or disadvantages, be guided by your doc. I’ve got coils and have done well . Good luck Sarah , hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah,

I had a 12mm aneurysm (am lucky it didnt burst) and because it was fuseform they couldnt coil it, so i had the clipping (using 3 clips), the actual operation was 2 years after being told i had one, I live in ireland and was going public, I hope your date is way before that. Anyway, I had a full recovery in no time, although i do still get pressure headaches but thats nothing compared to if i had waited longer.

I wish you Good luck and a hope you have a speedy recovery. :) xx

I have 4 now...only 3mm.....i had a 3mm which had a 4mm base of brain...had 2 stents put in in jan 2013...doin 2001 first 2 were found a 3mm behind right eye in sinus cavity...still not touched...left one was bigger and i had bleed on way up for coiling.....had some small probs after ..mainly my sight and hearing.....also getting contant whoosing noise since getting what i can only describle as electric zaps every so often...can last 2/ 3 days...valium helps to stop them for awhile but still re occur......cannot imagine having a 10mm annie....its quite normal for them to grow...mine widened 4mm in a neck......high.bp can affect them...stress...but so much can be done now the ones not op on in my case are being monitered yearly but am considering asking to have them coiled in case they grow ....i am in kerry...eire

I have two 10mm aneurisms DD. They were discovered by a cat scan when I got very dizzy and vomited all the way to the ER. They were both coiled withing six days of each other withing two weeks. I too had the wooshing in my left ear when I laid on it in bed. It would come and go but didn't start for several months after the coiling. It had gone completely now. I have blurry lines in my left eye quite often but it only lasts for about five minutes or so and is gone. No pain and they say it is visual/silent migraines not caused by the coiling....strange I never had such a thing before. I am dizzy and lose my balance a lot. Nothing major, just not right. I just had my first MRA to check them almost eight months after the procedures. The one on the left side of my brain (both close to my optic nerves) has a small spot that the coils do not fill. They said they were not overly concerned with it because it was there when the surgeon did the coiling. It had not grown and I will have another MRA in six months. Amazing how cavalier they are about it when it is my head and not theirs. They said, "not to worry, if worse comes to worse we can always put in more coils". I don't think they know how traumatic that was nor how sick I was for the several days after each one that I was hospitalized. The thought of going thru that again is sickening in itself. I too have a little hearing loss and my eyes, tho I see fine, do not work the way they used to when I move them. Very odd. If my symptoms never get any worse, I will be very thankful but it is hard to live with time bombs in your head and just "forget" it as they told me. As you do, I will go on and hope and pray that they do not change. Good luck, we are all living under a cloud of stress but can do nothing but keep our fingers crossed. Muriel Steven

My annie was 12mm in my basal artery, ruptured. Because of the location coiling and stenting were the safest options. Keep strong and best of luck with your surgery <3
4 yr survivor now :slight_smile: