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Good News!

I had my follow-up after angiogram and the doctor comes in with a huge smile followed by the nurse same thing, big smile... I am like what...did I win the lotto or something...he says, "kind of...your aneurysm is totally gone". He says, "I have never had that happen like that or that fast"...I said I had a lot of people praying for me so thanks to you and thanks be to God.

Another blessing... Todd's (my husband) cataract surgery was a success. Todd even took his glasses off, sees perfect in the distant will still need prescription glasses but no more "coke bottle" glasses. He cant wait to get the other done next month. He's so happy!

Be Well Be Blessed


I am so so so happy for you!!! And great news about your husband. Blessings all around!!

Wonderful news!


Great News....I wish and pray I get the same some day...Be sure you do something nice for YOU...~ Colleen

Congratulations, I am very happy for you

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Fantastic news Camille!! So happy and glad you had such a vast praying method. I hope that you and family will continue to celebrate the blessings.

Great news,



Awesome all around, Very happy for both you and Todd -- Celebrate !

Peace, Janet

Great news!


that is wonderful news

Chris x

Wonderful news to read Camille - Thanks for sharing.

What fabulous news! xxx

I am very happy to read this news. God is good! I can imagine that you two are celebrating the wonderful blessings!!
God bless,
~ Carol

hi Camille!! wonderful win win posting-ty you brightened my day! My uncle also had the cataract surgery and went back to do the other eye and dr says he doesn't need it!! I'm recalling grin from assistant who informed me coils occluded 100% !!!!! he looked like the chelshire cat!!!!

Thank you everyone...yes Ron BIG SMILES lol I am so glad to be your hope the hope the healing is possible.

Great news. How did it go though? not spontaneously I presume? x

Good for you!!!