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Good days, bad days

I feel like I have been in so many medical facilities this year that I can sniff out the good ones as soon as I enter! I live in rural Davidson County just south of WS and our small town practices have been taken over by Novant or WF…Our local hospital is now a WFBH hospital! Grateful to have our medical folks though!

Mmm Lexington ‘que, Yadkin Wines…what more could a person ask for! Next time you’re in W/S try Finnegan’s Wake. There was a lady from England who always checked me in for my MRI’s. She said they were the only ones that made good fish and chips! They have outside seating it’s just a couple miles from WFBH, across the street from SweetTaters which is also good. For something reasonably priced and really good food, try Goody’s (I think that’s the name). They serve breakfast all day and baked potatoes I also treat myself to some loose tea at Angelina’s. There’s an Indian restaurant that is next to it. Dr. Artee (like Artee’s party) was running Neuro ICU last time I was coiled and she highly recommended it. I’d never had Indian food and I liked it a lot. We ordered way too much food. Good thing it wasn’t Summer yet

I am sorry to hear about your husband. I know it was a scary journey you both were on but you are on the other side now
It takes time to heal for the both of you. Your brain will tell your husband when it’s time to rest. It really does take time for the whole body to rest.
I remember when I woke up there was a letter from my brain telling me to rest.
The emotions we go thru can make any one tired. I’m sure in time life will get back to your normals. Luckily you have each to lean on and he was reasonably young. Time is on your side.take each day one more step further and you’ll be amazed how far he’s come in such a short time. I remember a old saying air is not meant to touch our brains. That’s why it’s so protected. Your husband will get there and you’ll see looking back how strong you both are. Strong community of support here. Lots of love and prayers.

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Thank you Susan, much appreciated!

Glad he is recovering well. I had my anereusm clipped 6 weeks ago. A craniotomy was performed. I also get so frustrated that I get exhausted by 2pm. I’m taking iron, magnesium, and 2.5 amalodipene for blood pressure.
I really want to be my former self, and when I get so tired I get angry. My poor husband …
This forum helps so much. The fatigue seems to be common.
I am trying to be sure to eat protein every 3 hrs. And constantly drink water. It seems to be helping.
I have to have a coiling soon so it looks like I will be doing this a bit longer.
Hang in there. Your husband doesn’t want to be frustrated…it just happens. Things will get better for all of us. :sunglasses:


Quick update. My husband had the MRI, and general follow up last week. We did meet with the doctor, who performed both endovascular procedures, last Thursday.
Things are looking stable (!!!), and the doctor is happy with what he saw on the MRI. Due to the complexity of the aneurysm, my husband will be closely watched. The next MRI will be in 3 months time. We are happy with that, and we might might just take a deep breath and relax a little bit. Back to driving, exercising, working as long as my husband feels up to it.
My husband has had more good days than bad ones. The occasional bad night due to anxiety and an underlying uneasy feeling. No headaches, or other physical symptoms thankfully. This is truly the worst type of roller coaster ride!
Anyway, let’s hope for a continued positive recovery journey. Thanking you all for your support. Heidi


What great news Heidi! I’m doing a Happy Dance for both of you. Thank you so much for the update.

Thank you for your message. Wishing you all the best with the coiling procedure. This forum has been very helpfull. We are all in the same boat. Stay well! Heidi

Thank you Melissa. We have to hope and be positive! All the best to you. Heidi

Hey Heidi - So happy to hear that things are improving. God bless.

Hello Brian,
Thank you for checking in! My husband’s recovery is going great. After weeks of riding the “good days, bad days” roller coaster, he now seems to be coming out of the woods.
Gee, I wouldn’t want to send anybody into those woods!!
His physical recovery is going so well. No more headaches, fatigue (touch wood!!) and a general feeling of running on only 50%. Back to 99%!!
The only residual seems to be his memory. It’s not great. He runs a number of sales teams for a large international IT company. It’s a very busy and challenging role, so he has to be on the ball at all times.
Everybody is glad to have him back, but his team is noticing that he is a “sharp” as he used to be - going 100 miles a hour!!
We did email his neurosurgeon about the memory issues, and requested to get a some tests done.
We’ll look at some OT options, but so glad that he is fit and well.
To think that we had “the talk” only in May, when he went in for his first emergency surgery. He’s come such a long way. Everything else will be easy in comparison.
I’ll keep you updated.

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I’m seven years out, I have my life back
But everyday is a struggle. The tiredness
Comes and goes he needs lots of sleep
It will help with the Fog