God bless america

just want to salute the selfless acts of our soldiers. those who laid down their lives for our freedom and the ones who are still out in the warzone…God Bless and wishing them a safe trip home to the families who love n miss you…we honor you, we appreciate all that you do…GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Thank you so much for this posting. I, too, want to thank them and their families for their service to our country.

So grateful this message is still being written - my son just deployed to Iraq for a year and it’s been a challenge missing him so much. Appreciate all the great thoughts and support!

Michelle...I regret I missed this earlier...

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care..



Linda: Your son and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please thank him for all of us! My husband's in the army and has been on the list to deploy over there numerous times but his general always pulls him back, is needed here. I think he'd really like to go over and take his turn. We so admire and appreciate all of those willing and able to serve. I just lost my mother who was my best friend so I understand how much you're missing him. I imagine you're already planning his homecoming! Best wishes.


Thanks Mitch - in fact my son has his R&R party all planned already just like you thought! Does help to have things to look forward to! Between my local brain aneurysm support group and the military support group they both keep me busy and makes me so appreciative that I am here to continue to give back.