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Hi to all Glenn waters here I had my clipping 4 and a half weeks ago by dr nazi na assaad My op went really well and I am feeling very good small headaches sometimes I am very happy I still have a fair bit of jor pain how long does it take to heal Proply could someone tell me if they no please good luck to everyone out there and thanks for all the support god. Bless all

Glenn, you are still very early in the recovery stage. The pain will get better with time. The best thing you can do now is REST. Your brain is so tired from the surgery and it will take a good year before you won't get tired easier than you did before surgery. Just remember you use your brain for everything. Even to just breathe. Too much stimulation(bright lights, noisy people who mean well but talk too loud and ask too many questions), is not good for the post surgery brain. It needs time to heal and the only way it can heal is rest. I can remember lying in the bed at Emory Hospital and there were friends who came to visit and they were just talking, but I remember thinking, I wish you would all just leave and let me have some peace and quiet. Just remember to take things slow. This little snipet of time in your life is just vapor compared to how long you will live. It has been 10 yrs since my clipping and thinking back at a time of recovery that seemed like an eternity was just a small amount of time in life. Hang in there and REST YOUR BRAIN!!!!!!!

Ah so good to see a post from you Glenn...

Rest and Heal...and take "baby steps" towards getting your strength up ... can't say how long to heal...because everyone is so different...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thank you robyn

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Thank you Colleen

Hi Glen, Glad your recovery process is going well. And, I echo everyone else…it takes time. Depending on the location of your aneurysm, the surgeon sometimes has to cut though muscles to include the jaw muscle. Mine was sore for about 6 weeks, if I recall. I am 4 months out now and do not have any pain when opening my mouth. Did have a little trouble at the dentist, keeping my mouth open to have my teeth cleaned. Hope this helps…Mary

Hi Glenn, glad your feeling better so soon. I had severe headaches for 2 months. I could not stand light or noise or anything that over stimulated me. Going out to the grocery store was to much for months. It did get better by the 3rd month. I went back to work by the 4th month. Just take it easy, no lifting or an staining. Take everything in moderation. And get your rest!!!!! Good luck!



Hi Glenn. Glad to hear the op went well. As far as healing you will find yourself either going through a series of different experiences, or hopefully none other than the healing. Are you able to eat food, open your mouth all the way? As far as the jaw pain, I couldn't open my mouth for about 6 months without doing specific exercises. Hang in there and time will help but it does take weeks or longer for some people depending on ones health, age, type of procedure, etc. Keep us posted don't be afraid to pursue us with questions. Many of us here have gone through a few different types of problems. Rest and take care of yourself. Jeanne

Hello Glen, i'm happy you are getting better and that your op went well. You must feel great that it's over.

Good on you Glen

God Bless


Thanks Jeanne yes I can eat and chew but can only open my mouth about half way compared to normal I am doing mouth exercises every day to help open further when I brush my teeth and put brush up between the back teeth I get a lot of pain but that should come good in time

Thank you Nikki for your support I am very happy it’s behind me I had a headache today bit worse than normal but I think the brightness of the day made it worse but overall I am doing very well I still get a lot of weird pains and sensations from op. how are you going

Hi Glen, it's normal to have weird sensations, they'll go away in time. I'm doing well thanks.

I have to have another clipping done on my other annie end of year. Not scared, i have a great neurosurgeon. I think your Doctors name is a bit funny, especially his first name, don't you think lol.

Take care buddy


congrats Glenn!! hang in there better days are ahead! God bless you & yours as well!

Hi Glenn. I couldn't open my mouth for about 6 months and needed a tooth fixed so my dentist suggested this method. Maybe it would help others also. I took a disposable rubber glove and cut off one of the fingers. Then I took approx 8 tongue depressors and inserted the depressors into the cut off finger piece. Put in my mouth and then used the depressors like pliers opening with my hands as wide as possible and biting shut. I did it as many times as possible, mostly while watching TV. After one month my dentist remeasured the opening and it was working. Took about 3 dental visits for myself and finally was able to get the tooth repaired. I added more depressors as the opening got larger and purposely would hold it open as long as I could take the pain. Had my dentist not mentioned this I thought I was going to have to get an operation to fix it. Hope exercise this helps also.

Thanks for all your help you have helped me heaps

Thanks Ron hope your going well

Hi thanks for your help what is a tongue depressor