Fusiform aneurysm on right supraclinoid internal carotid artery, multiple aneurysms, experience needed


I have a 7 mm fusiform aneurysm on the right supraclinoid internal carotid artery directly related to a right posterior communicating artery clip placed surgically in 2011.

It would help me to hear from people with the experience of having a clip in the same area as the fusiform, the same type and location of aneurysm, the procedure, treatment center/hospital/doctor used and if anyone has multiple aneurysms and residual aneurysms that have grown from the original aneurysm. This is my sixth aneurysm. I'm 44 and started my ruptures 13 years ago.

1. 2000 rupture of left posterior communicating artery wide neck aneurysm, clipped

2. Residual aneurysm now larger than original rupture size but stable.

3. 2011 rupture of right posterior communicating artery saccular aneurysm, clipped

4. 2013 fusiform aneurysm on right supraclinoid internal carotid artery in the area of the 2011 clipping. Grew 2 mm in 2 years.

5. Pseudoaneurysm of left internal carotid artery. Stable.

6. Pseudoaneurysm of left vertebral. Stable.

Hearing about complications and outcomes would also help me. For those with multiple aneurysms who decided to pursue stent or other embolization devices, did your doctor(s) insist you had to take the anti-clotting drugs?

Thank you,