I am feeling so frustrated. I ask for an mra or mri. I get sent for a cta. Cta looks like its wrong. It says I only have a coiled aneurysm and that it looks fine. I know I have another annie. I have repeatedly ask to see a specific dr at this clinic and I keep getting a no you have to do this test first. This was suppose to be like a second opinion dr and I cant get any info from them other go do another test or see another dr or they simply just don't call me back. My memory still sucks, at times im having trouble finding words, mass headaches, and severe depression to add to it. To add to it sometime ago (several weeks but don't know when) 2 of my fingers and that part of my hand have gone numb. My hubby just told me the drs that I originally seen said they told him that all my symptoms are in my head and I am just making them up. I am just so ready to give up.....


Hi VJ,

Is there any way of obtaining your records from the 1st group of Neurosurgeons?? You'll no doubt need to sign for your records at the hospital you were at, or maybe get your records directly from the 1st Neurosurgoens offices. I requested mine from my Neurosurgeons office years after my clipping because I needed to get an MRI done on my back yet the MRI clinic wouldn't touch me til they knew exactly what sort of clips I had..It was just a simple phonecall and they sent me the radiology reports and doctors notes within a day or two. It might be something to consider, I can only imagine how frustrating this is!

Peace, Janet

VJ...I am so sorry...this is horrible...and a CT scan didn't even show either of my brain aneurysm's...only the MRA...and/or CT with dye...

Janet gave you some great advice...~ Good Luck and gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen