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. On Sunday night, I had what was called a “thunderclap” a headache. Essentially, I was blown out od been by this severe pain in my head that felt like someone had just whacked me with a baseball bat, I got immediately nauseated ( felt like being on one of those tilt whirls, then I slammed into the wall and stumbled into the bathroom to get something for my head. Fast forward to TH, I am taken by ambulance to the hospital and given a CT scan, There we found a small 3MMl brain aneurysm, It is unknown whether it was bleeding or not the first time because so much time has passed. I am slated for an MRI and a consult with a neurosurgeon. Things are up in the air right now…brain surgery could be on the horizon. I try not to think about it, but whenever I start to get a headache…I think is the moment this thing is going to rupture?
The neurosurgeon’s office called and said he would like to see me sooner than later. They are going to have a cerebral angiogram, where they make a cut into my femoral artery and snake a catheter up to the brain and light me up like a Christmas tree, I am not surprised to physically exert myself or have any strong emotional issues until I see him, Yet, I find it hard to sleep and every little headache I have worried an now my left eye is sore. Who thought a tiny little 3mm could cause such a problem I have named it blob-o,

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That sounds so frightening. To know its there. I can imagine you’re terrified. You are brave and strong and I hope the very best of everything for you