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I am not crazy


I have an angio set for tomorrow. After I had a thunderclap headache, 4 days later I went to the ER ( yes a little late) In the CT they discovered an A2 cerebral artery:“outpouching” The radiologist said it was 3mm and could possibly be an indifundelum. I have had headaches, sore eye, exhaustion and irritability since the clap. I have 3 TBI’s in the past and I am not sure if the constant whacks to y head have anything to do with this crap ( I call it blob-o) But the symptoms are real and I do not care if it is only 3mm, I want the damn thing gone. Any thoughts?


Amen to that! Get rid of it so you don’t have to worry about it. Are the doctors saying they’re not concerned?


I am seeing them today, I am doing the angio and then we will see what is lurking in my brain