Four More days til My Craniotomy

Im almost there and I am nervous, so nervous I am sick to my stomach! There is days I think about backing out, which that is absolutely ridiculous. I am tying to think positive, Can someone PLEASE tell me what to expect before the surgery and after? I know everyone is different, But Id like some feedback. It is a 3.7 mm on my middle Cerebral artery. Thanks.

hi Marisa! before surgery is scary and after is just what you would expect- tired, weak, a little pain which hopefuly will be under control, i was emergency sah but i was recoiled so i know the fear. Try some relaxing music to take your mind of it. reading is probably good also. Do something nice for yourself- rent a movie maybe?? keep in touch as this too will help.Think positive & think ahead to the day this will all be behind you & you will be on the road to recovery!! yes i think everyone has the fleeting thought of backing out- this is natural fight or flee built in mechanism i think. Hang in there-you can do this! im hoping some who were in your shoes will give some words of encoutagement

Hi Marisa!

I've been thru two craniotomies (1998, 2010) and both of them were alittle different ...the one in 98 involved cutting thru my jaw muscle and I had staples,..the last one they didn't cut thru my jaw and I had stitches--the 98 one was pretty much a rush situation , so I didn't have to wait it 2010 I was in one hospital for several days than got out of that hospital only to "turn myself in" to another hospital where I knew a craniotomy would no doubt be waiting for me, and yeah, that wasn't too easy to do! I had some anti anxiety meds from the 1st hospital however and let me tell you I'm glad I did. MRI.s, angio's, all that was done (But I'd imagine thats all been taken care of already in your case?) Honestly though, when I awoke from both surgeries, I was surprised at how little pain I felt. In both cases I was out out of the hospital within 2 days time, and at home I used Advil gel caps for the pain (which was directly related to the stitches/staples, not anything else) as I can't take Vicodon since it upsets my stomach too much. But I didn't need anything else other than the Advil...Due to the location of the surgery, you'll no doubt be black and blue (I sure was), and your head will feel "heavy" for awhile....but you'll be able to shower and wash your hair when you get home, just have to be gentle and try to avoid the stitches as best you can ..Take advantage of the time to rest, but you'll probably be surprised that you won't need all that much "extra" rest! I went for a 2.5 mile walk around the reservoir near our home on the 2nd day home with freinds (who were freaking out!) but I felt fine. Best of luck to you Marisa, will be sending prayers your way !


Hi is so normal to be nervous as the day draws near...infact, I still remember the sick to my stomach part too...I remember saying to my husband if the day doesn't come soon...I am cancelling...hah...~ like Jo...I took anxiety meds too ... those few days left...just to keep some calm...and I prayed alot and had a wonderful loving husband who hugged me often...

~ Cyberprayers going out to you right now ~ Colleen

thank goodness for this site, everyone has been so helpful, thank you.

Please are and will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts ~

It is normal to be nervous for any procedure. We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers. If the dr has given you anti anxiety meds please take them. I’m sure they will help. Cyber hugs to you- Myra

Dear Marisa,You are in my thoughts and prayers as is your surgical team. I had a clipping in 1995, it was an emergency surgery so I did not have the pre-op jitters. At the end of September 2012 a new Annie was discovered and for about 2 weeks the docs were thinking I would need a craniotomy. I was freaking out and relied on Xanax and my faith to keep me calm. When you start to worry pray. I just had my annie , located in my right posterior communicating artery coiled and a stent put in. My surgery was last Tuesday, I was anxious for that surgery so I do feel for you. Recovery for my craniotomy was about 2 months and a majority of that recovery was letting my brain absorb all the blood I had lost. I have a few bits of advice for you. Ask your docs if you can take Xanax the day of the procedure and ask what the recovery room will be like. After my crannie I was kept in a coma and no one family was allowed to enter the recovery room for the first few days.This was to allow my brain time to heal. It sure helped, I recovered 100%! I truly believe this is part of the reason. My other advice is to get a pedicure. It will help you relax and prepare. During this last procedure I was surprised at how many people looked at my feet. Each time I thought about my un-pedicured feet! Lol

I will be thinking of you on the 18 th and hope you find peace and comfort until then. I do know that everything will be much easier this way. That is, you can plan ahead as opposed to emergency surgery and the recovery will be much easier. I will look forward to hearing about your successful surgery and will keep you in my prayers. Where is your surgery and what time is it scheduled for?

Sending you hugs, prayers, and love


Hi Marisa,

I just had surgery for a 5 mm annie on my left middle cerebral artery on November 20th. I actually felt calm and very peaceful up until the surgery. I was on a couple of prayer lists and family and friends were praying for me as well. Whenever I got a negative thought I pushed it out of my head and that seemed to work. Staying positive and telling yourself over and over that your body and brain are very strong and will recover very quickly works very well. I only needed pain medication the morning of the second day of recovery and I've not taken anything since. I noticed on low pressure days my head hurts a little more but it's not unbearable and I rest a little more. I noticed too like Janet that some days your head does feel heavier than others and a little tighter but I think it's from healing. I am glad I had the surgery now and this is all behind me. You will do fine and everything will work out for you. I'll be praying for you Marisa. Stay positive and take care,


Thank you everyone for the support I really needed it these last couple days, Tomorrow is my surgery, and Ill have someone Update everyone . Thanks so Much!

OMG, Lol, Natalie is right about getting a pedicure!! (I too was surprised about how many people looked at my feet!! ) You'll sure be in my prayers, Marisa


Thinking about you today and praying you are now feeling the relief of being DONE and are on the road to recovery!

Hoping you are on the way to a speedy recovery today. Will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers.