Forehead Swelling

Hello everyone. I am 2 years out from my clipping. Besides now having Frontal lobal syndrome, I am now experiencing swelling of the forehead,when ever I feel what I call my funky headaches. I’m not hurting or anything but I can feel my forehead swelling a little, especially where that put my bone back in over right eye.
Is anyone or has anyone had this.
I have a video call with my neurology tomorrow.

Bebe, I hope our members can give you some insight before your video appointment. I was coiled, so I can’t help. I know when I was released after rupture, none of my hats fit for months and my Neurosurgeon didn’t know why. Please let us know what they tell you.

I know what this is! I had a craniotomy and about 6 months later I had a squishy swollen egg on my forehead. When I went in for stent surgery, my neuros said it’s leakage from where you skull was put back together. It’s not pretty but it will go away!

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I am 2 years post surgery as well. this happens to me… a new normal for me, feeling of swelling and funky headaches as you say which I struggle to explain myself. Happens mostly after a lot of activity such as lifting and bending and lack of sleep seems to irritate as well. Rest and hydration will help along with lemon and peppermint essential oil on the forehead, it really helps!

Thank you so very much, I’m gonna try the oils.

Deb, I use peppermint oils for a lot of things, how does the lemon oil help? How much do you mix and what carrier do you use? Sorry for all the questions…

Thank you for asking! I use Doterra products, but i’m sure any carrier of the oil would work, I use just a couple of drops each of peppermint and lemon mixed with a few drops of fractionated coconut oil. I rub it on my forehead and around my temples but be sure not to get any in your eyes. I also purchased a roller ball to mix the oils together to easily apply. I’m not sure why the lemon works in this combination but I researched uses in a Doterra book that I have; lemon was an oil used for the brain. I find it to be very soothing. I hope this is helpful!

I want to thank you all for your advice with the oils,and trust me I’m gonna be trying them out. I am looking into getting nerve block, and wondering if anyone else has had it done, my neurologist has suggested it.
Please share your input on this.

I will look into their line, thanks so much!

Not sure what type of nerve block your neurologist is speaking about. I had two SPG blocks. Basically, the radiologist goes into the nasal passage and shoots some lidocaine into the nerve. The first was great and I became an immediate believer. It stopped the constant daily migraines. The second one I had many months later and it hurt like the dickens (think stronger expletives than “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”). When I told my Neurosurgeon I wasn’t doing them ever again, her remark was “ I’m glad to hear it”. So check with your neurosurgeon. Although doctors rarely say no with another doctors opinion, all doctors have an opinion, and your surgeon may have a different thought on the matter.

I found this and it looks like they use a different procedure than the one I had which the radiologist numbed my nasal cavity and used a needle to go into the area of my brain. It was a long needle. The procedure before the type I had, they went through the side of the head if I remember correctly., so all things progress in medicine. With my procedures, they were done at the hospital where the radiologist worked. He used an X-ray machine to guide him doing the block. I would inquire as to if the doctor inserts a needle into your brain. But I truly remember how debilitating my headaches were and that I was at the point I would do anything to stop them. I don’t know if it will help the swelling on your forehead. Here’s an article I found that explains how they do it now. There are always pros and cons so do the research on the type of nerve block your neurologist wants you to have.