Flow diverter/ silver floaties

I have a slight Nickel allergy, which was steering my surgeon away from doing a flow diverter and going with platinum coils. They were able to do the flow diverter. I had my surgery on May 2nd.

2 hours after my surgery, my femoral artery started bleeding out. They compressed the artery for 20 mins (I might add is extremely painful) after that I started seeing silver floaties along with eye pain.

While in the hospital, my surgeon said it was most likely from all the iodine.

Tomorrow will be a week and the silver floaties are all like bugs flying in my face.

I am going to let my doc know they are still here just wondering if anyone else has silver floaties after their flow diverters?

I was afraid I hurt my eyeballs while having my femoral artery compressed.

Also is anyone 6 months post flow diverter? Did it cure the aneurysm? I’m told it will take my aneurysm away with a 10% chance of having to place a new stent.

I got those as well. Mine were like little balls of mercury. Sometimes they skittering past, sometimes more like a spray that would almost make me want to duck. They dissipated over time. I still get a lesser effect now, long afterwards. More like fireflies but I can easily ignore them.

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Ohh I am happy they are not permanent! I will assume they are normal then! Thank you so much for the response! So nice to have this support group!

Also I keep Karate chopping the air and ducking as well! Thinking something is gonna hit me in the face!

Normal, hmmm, I don’t think much of it is ‘normal’ :laughing: Maybe normal for us.
I didn’t have a flow diverter, I had a craniotomy and I get what I call ‘Stary, stary nights’, these super bright stars go floating through my vision. They are very disorientating. And they sparkle. I have to stop and wait for them to settle, it’s only like 15-20seconds, but so discombobulating, YUCK. I’m 10 yrs on from my last neurosurgical procedure and I still get them today.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

After I popped my pipe, I had the most beautiful filigree lights that I would actually get distracted and enjoy the show​:crazy_face::rofl:. Drink lots of fluids to get the dye out. Every time I had any type of angiogram I had to drink 3 bottles of Gatorade and twice that in water for about three to four months. The last angiogram to check my stent, I went into severe anaphylaxis and boy did my Neurosurgeon upped the IV drip and pushed it out, fast.

I think it was the second or third angiogram that the Resident didn’t put enough pressure on my femoral artery and I started bleeding out on their brand new table. I was a bit drugged up and told Dr. Shaw I was sorry for urinating all over it. He assured me I was on a catheter and I assured him I just wet myself. Well, it wasn’t urine and Dr. Q-W came over in a huge leap, picked up that rather tall Resident and threw him a couple of feet then did a handstand on my artery. Had to keep the weight bag in it twice as long and ended up with a huge hematoma. They hurt! Isn’t it a great thing that the vast majority of medical professionals are very good at their job?!

I’ve not had a flow diverter, , my last and final repair was a Neuroform Atlas Stent it has helped me leaps and bounds. I did get some floaters, more like shooting stars for awhile, maybe two to three months. I rarely get them now, usually when I forget to hydrate.