Finally seeing Neurosurgeon tomorrow

After being diagnosed with a small aneurysm in NOVEMBER…I finally have an appointment to see my neurosurgeon tomorrow. Unfortunately here in Canada, that’s the way things work sometimes, but it’s been a long 7 months waiting to finally see someone!!
My question is…what are the most important questions to ask? I have a list but want to make sure I don’t miss the really important ones.

Oh this is wonderful news Bee...I am hoping you feel better about things one way or the other after speaking with your neurosurgeon...The biggest question is the percentage of rupture and nonrupture...and if they want to do a procedure ... Why? and Why? one procedure over another?...I can't remember if you had an angiogram or not...if you didn't ... Will you get one since you were told this is the "Gold Standard" test?...Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers...please let us know how it goes...~ Colleen

Yes; Wonderful News Bee!!! I am sure you are going in to this appointment with a good comprehensive list of questions and more questions may come to you as you have this discussion with your Neurosurgeon. Colleen provided some good inputs and my only additional inputs are that you do not hesitate to ask him/her any and all question that comes to mind! Some people may refrain from doing so thinking that they are asking too many; yet we have to be our own advocates to get the answers to our questions that could be keeping us up at night. So leverage this appointment for just that :)! My Hopes and Prayers are that you are Blessed with answers that will help to Comfort you thru this Trial... /Michele

Wow, Finally !!

It has been so long since you first came on board that I can't even remember if you've had an angiogram/contrast dye as of yet..seems to me you hadn't had one.(.? ) so after you get that out of the way, you'll know exactly where you stand in terms of how big, (or how small) how approachable the annie is , and are there options to whatever their suggested approach may matter what they'll need to have some new scans as it has been 7 months on, that way they can determine if its been growing or not,( and weather or not they think you should have surgery now)..Good luck at your appointment Bee, I'm sure this has been a helluva long wait indeed.

Peace, Janet

Thanks very much Janet. In the beginning I has called the neurosurgeons office to ask about an angiogram and I was told my MRI was an MRA so I didn’t need an angiogram…I will clarify that today