Feeling cold all the time


Thanks for your reply we've been away to Sue's mother's 90th birthday party this weekend which was great, but the cold weather we are experiencing did make getting about hard for Sue as soon as she gets cold it gives her terrible neckache and she can't stop shaking. What you said about feeling cold since you have been healing makes good sense to me, i have often said to Sue that it seems like her body is prioritising all her energy to heal her brain. Went to the doctors last friday and yes he blamed it on menopause, i only wish we lived a bit closer to Florida it sounds great. Best Wishes to you Jo. John & Sue


Thanks for replying, sorry to here that your body temp issues are getting worse, we went away for the weekend to a 90th birthday party on the east coast it was cold and showery and Sue was constantly shaking it gives her a really bad neckache. She went to the doctors friday and he blamed the coldness on the menopause, getting any help after SAH seems quite differcult and takes so long to get an appointment, so there doesn't seem to be any advise i can offer at the moment will have to keep trying. Best Wishes to you pat. John & Sue

Hi Shauna,

Thanks for replying, sounds very simular to what Sue is experiencing with the hot and cold temperatures,she went to the doctors Friday he did seem to think it was the menopause but she's not convinced. Hope you start to feel better soon and if she finds any miracle cures i will let you know. Best Wishes John & Sue

Hi, John

I replied before about the thryoid. I have to tell you I am not surprised that they blame it on menopause. A bit mad though. Not saying its not menopause but there are many different reasons for feeling cold.

The first time I had hot flashes that's what doctors said it was and it was my adrenal glands. Got on supplements and felt better in four days. Your adrenals control your hormones.

Months later I was having hot flashes again and thought it was menopause. Wrong it was my thyroid.

I am living with an unruptured aneurysm and many other medical issues and I have had to be my own advocate in all this.

Please get another opinion. If it is thyroid it is dangerous if not taken care of. Look up thyroid symtoms on internet and see if she has any more of the symptoms.

Thanks for the update. I have been praying and wondering how Sue has been.



You may want to attempt a question to the BAF "ask the doc" and, if any relation to contrast dye passing thru the Pituitary-Adrenal System...

Prayers that you get Sue's thyroid checked, and (memory lapsing again) on where the body temp is located...hypothalamus? I think there is some other brain part interrelated w/body temp. Please watch for any failure of Sue to sense/feel the sun/heat.

Prayers for you all... as Sue continues her healing process.



Thanks for your concerns i think what i will do is ring the consultants nurse today and ask the questions you put forward to her, i have spoken to her before and she has always been very helpful. Best Wishes Pat


Interesting, I never connected cold with the statins or ruptured aneurysm. Im cold all the time, we are also running the heat. The doctor said that all my thryoid levels look good. No answer just cold and cant get warm no matter how many blankets are on me.

Hi John,

Thank you for creating a post regarding the problem of feeling cold after brain surgery. It is definitely not due to menopause, as my boyfriend has them occasionally as well. He had a craniotomy a ruptured aneurysm done about 5 weeks ago. He can be feeling alright and the next moment he wakes up feeling so cold, and his limbs get numb it feels sore and hurts. He also has feelings of nausea and dizziness and sometimes headache.

I wanted to ask if you and Sue tried using heating pads, and if they worked? Did the doctor recommend or advice against using heating pads?

Thank you so much for sharing. This is my first post. Sometimes I really don't know what to do, I'm only 24. But this forum really helped me a lot the past year. Hope to get a reply from you soon. I also hope that Sue is doing well, and that she is showing progress in recovery! All the best to everyone going through a scary time.

I suffer from being cold. . . actually too hot or too cold seems to affect me. my husband got fuzzy socks that wear and at night sometimes I wear a light wool hot if the air is on. on the couch I usually have a blanket. However, sometimes I get a hot flash of heat and have to remove the blanket and for a few minutes I feel like I am sweating with a fever, but it does not last long and then I am cold again. I carry a blanket and socks in the car just in case and the other day my first movie since surgery I was happy to have my trusted blanket with me.

many blessings and feel better!!!

Hello Mel,

I hope your boyfriend is continuing his recovery such alot to deal with at such a young age for him and you. It was a while ago that Sue tried to get to the bottom of this problem of feeling cold but unfortunately after several trips to the doctors, hospital and numerous blood tests we are no further forward i'm afraid to say. I think the general consensus of opinion was menopause, so i found it interesting to read that your boyfriend has been suffering in the same way. As the year has gone on and the weather has slightly warmed up its not so noticable-just the hot flushes which are more noticable at the moment, but i know she is not looking forward to the Autumn. I don't think she did use heating pads but hot water bottles the heating was never off once it started getting colder and blankets as well. Sorry i can't give you any positive advise but we are none the wiser ourselves, if we get any further forward with it i will let you know. We completely agree with you this website has been a life saver in as much as it enables you to talk to people that has shared the same experience. Best Wishes to you both John and Sue


I forgot to mention that my husband got me something that goes around your neck like a collar (like a bean bag) that you stick in the microwave to heat up and place around your neck and it comes with fragrance and it feels really nice and cozy.

Hello Carmen,

Sorry to read that you are suffering still after going through all the trauma of having your surgery, I know taking pills is pretty miserable especially when they don't work for long. Just a thought but i wondered if the stress and depression is causing some of the pain, tensing the muscles in the neck and head as the muscles in scalp must of been cut and still a bit raw. I have just taken Sue to our GP and he has just prescribed anti- depressant for her, she hasn't taken any yet as she is very wary of not getting dependant on drugs to lift her mood, but talking personally as someone who has suffered from anxiety on and off for a number of years i think its definately worth a shot for six months, but they take about four weeks to get into your system after all it can't be worse than taking a lot of headache pills with the effects of them on your stomach.I hope you find a solution soon as constant pain is so debilitating. You just reminded me that someone bought Sue a couple of those microwavable bags i will dig them out and try them thanks Carmen. Best Wishes John & Sue

Hello John, hope all is well. I get cold easily too. Since i started taking iron vitamin, i'm feeling better. Also fish oil vitamins. You're a great and caring husband John.

I know, how about cuddling up together more, good excuse for you lol.

I hope Sue gets better. Hot drinks keep us warm, it's winter here, so i'm forever drinking hot drinks.

I wish i had the answer for you.

God Bless you both

Nikki xx


Great minds think alike we both started taking a multi vitamin with iron and also high strengh fish oil so this winter will be a good test, also a relative who is a dietician suggested taking high dose 1000mg vitamin C so we now rattle as we walk as well. I quiet like the cuddling up suggestion i will run it by Sue.I didn't realise that it got that cold in Australia I should add a little tot of whiskey to those hot drinks if i was you .Good to hear that you at back to normal and good luck with the other surgery ,sounds like you got a good surgeon. Best Wishes John & Sue

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm glad you guys are hanging in well =) So much to be proud of, both you and Sue.

Just a thought, when she feels cold, does the area feel cold to the touch? For example if her legs feel cold, when you touch it does it feel cold? Or she feels cold, but to you it's body temperature. If it's the latter, then it could be an issue of neurons not functioning properly. However, if the area does feel cool to the touch, then it might be due to circulation as someone suggested.

Just a thought.. Anyway, give my best to Sue!

Hello John hope you and Sue are well. Great minds do think alike. I'll try the vitamin C.

yes it gets cold here in Oz, especally Melbourne, we have the mountains 50 k's away and they are covered in snow. Alot of ski junkies here. Also thank you for your good wishes.

Hey John why not make soup for Sue to keep her warm. Add some barley.

Take care, enjoy your selves.

love Nikki xx


I was only reading a couple of days ago how good whole barley is for you apparently it has cholestrol lowering fibre and as Sue is taking Statins your soup idea seems a good one. I didn't realise that you could ski in Oz something we loved to do a few years ago when we were a little more flexable and it didn't take a week to get over aching knees. The pictures you have got of the Australian countryside look great. John & Sue

Hello John and Sue, hope all is well. Glad to help you. Hope Sue is warmer. I've got the heater on now, but it's winter here. Porridge lowers cholesterol as well. I love eating it, but without sugar. Most people hate porridge, not me.lol.

Thanks John and Sue, have a lovely day or night, all these time differences have got me in a whirl.

Take care

Nikki xx

I'm down right cold can't stand anywhere that has air on. I wear long sleves and carry a jacket in the car for church and anywhere that has air. By the way I live in California temps over a 100 degrees, don't get many visitors.

oh Wilma - i really feel for you - 100 degrees and you are still cold... i think the hot flushes i'm getting (that so called "special age") are keeping the chills at bay - not sure whats worse though. Oh what i'd give to feel 'normal' again.