Feel the Coil?

I can feel my coil when the barometric pressure changes. Does anyone else experience this?

It feels like a mild throbbing ache. Not painful, just there.

My aneurysm and coiling was June 2014.

I have not noticed this - I had coiling and stent in 2011. I did have other difficulties afterward (unexplained breathlessness and severe lower back pain), so those could have covered any head feelings up. I am not aware that I "feel" anything there.

I would ask my neurosurgeon (or neurologist, whichever you see). You are still a newbie - are you having a 3 or 6 month followup? Mine was 3 and I had an angio, which that one was painful for some reason - when I screamed, the doctor asked the nurse to give me more sedation before he proceeded further. Since that time, only MRA's, which I just had my 3rd one.

How are you feeling otherwise? Sherri

Hi Kimberly ... not sure I can feel my coils, but I do know that when the weather changes drastically I get the worse migraine (only happened since coiling) and I get a terrible throb and/or heartbeat in the back of my head and neck where my coils were done...I was told from my internist I needed to talk to the surgeon about this and see what he says...

You should also talk to your surgeon about what you are experiencing...it may be you are early in the healing journey...but it is better to be safe then sorry...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

hi! I never felt the coils but felt many types of pain- pinches, zaps and twinges,and tickles this is due to nerves mending and re connecting and also dried blood being evacuated I read, tc

Like the others have said it is part of healing but check with Doc to see all is okay.

I cannot feel coils but feel shunt.

Never stress my surgeon told me that !! so passing it on x Keep away from doom and gloomers lol

I was coiled in 2009 and do not remember hardly anything until I had a shunt fitted in 2010 then it was like a light turning on. I was so pleased to be alive.

I got itchy head and weird pains so I bathed my head in salt water. I have trouble walking and my back aches so bad but !! they said I'd never walk so from 4 steps to 60 steps plus.

Keep going and never give up xxxx look forward and never back, look at yourself in 4 weeks and see if you have improved, bet the answers Yes x

Good luck


Hi Sheri! yes!! I did, dr gave me stretching exercises for lb pain which worked great! you sit in a chair and reach forward towards the floor stretching lower back. As for the breathing yeah its a weird labored feeling and not automatic like normal breathing is. I huff and puff upon light exertion like picking up twigs. is your back ok now? tc ~~

I can feel my coil every time I have a bm or lets say if I try to pop my ears. Sudden changes in blood flow makes that spot feel funny too. coiled in Nov. 2012.


my coiling was 3 years ago October 2014 and I feel the same sometimes mine was to the right side of my brain but I am doing ok

Hi Kimberly. I really think the pressure change affects me too. I feel a pressure in my head at times or even sharp stabbing or aching sensations in my right temple or behind my right eye. My annie is on my rt ophthalmic artery, behind my eye. My reports of this have not been concerning to my doctors, in fact I have been told most recently by one that he doesn't think it annie-related. But seeing as how some of these ever happened pre-coiling, I am sure it is. The location of the pressure / pain is too coincidental. But at least it wasn't concerning! I was coiled in 2012. I hope your recovery has been smooth otherwise.

All my best, Cindy

A lot of people I have spoken to have said when the weather is overcast they feel very heady like a thick head after coiling and shunt.

I get like that also, I wish you all well and try not to stress.

Good luck all


it got better - I had a cortisone shot in my back, which helped for 2 weeks. Took neurontin for months for the nerve pain. That went away, lately it has come back but not real bad. Since my breathing is much better, my doctor wants me to go to phys ed, which I will do. I did have bulging dics in my lower lumbar according to the MRI I had after surgery.

Are you still huffing and puffing? I had every test imaginable and they never found out reason. I was next going to have them look at my esophagus to make sure it wasn't RP, but it got better and I got tired of having tests and the medical expenses.