Extreme dizziness

My sister had an anuerysm about 2 years ago. It was a back of the brain bleed. She has severe dizziness issues that are extremely disabling. I went to a support group and the nurse indicated dizziness is a known side effect. Can anyone confirm or deny. Her doctor has been unable to get a handle on it.

Hi Alexis,
I can confirm, dizziness is an issue, accompanied with naseau. (sorry my spelling has been bad lately). Anyway, it may be that her brain just needs a rest. I find that about 2 days on the couch helps. No noise, no light no motion. It’s worth a try. Hope this helps. Best to you and your sister.

sorry to hear your sister is having such a hard time,i can agree with linda about the rest,when our brains got traumatized by having the anny,ruptured or unruptured,its a big ordeal and the time it takes to bounce back is alot more lengthy,i can go out in the yard, or have a really long day at work and it knocks me on my caboose,lol…literally i have to just lay around for a day or two to regroup…before i could just keep going and going,lol…but i listen to my brain when i start getting tired i just get the hint a take it back a notch,tell her dr to do another cti scana nd make sure she doesnt have anything screwy going on where the anny used to be,there may be a leak,good luck sweety,hope she starts feeling better soon,God bless michelle-n-texas

HI Alexis, I also caon confirm that dizziness is an issue. I still suffer from bouts of dizziness and its been 4 years. They are not extremely disabling any longer though. Typically I just need to rest for 1/2 hour - 1 hour and I’m fine. I’m fortunate that my job has a privacy room, so I get a dizzy spell I just go a lay down in there and then I’m fine for the rest of the day.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my aneurysm was in the superior cerebral artery which is also in the back of the brain and I had an SAH.

If you dont mind me asking, how long was it completely disabling. She is learning to compensation tools but is dizzy all day. Did any medication help? she was on Valium which she thinks helps but her doctor wants her off it. The thought of the dizziness being endless is so depressing.

Thanks for your input. Her dizziness is 24/7. yet Social Security won’t give her a disability pension.

They were disabling for the first few months for me. I’m not sure what drove me to purchase a stabilization ball but I did and I found out that the act of trying to stablize myself on the ball helped to keep the dizziness at bay. It was odd, still not sure why or whether that would even work for someone else. It just did for me. Even now, I use WII fit and some of the balancing games on there and they help as long as I don’t get frustrated that I can’t keep the ball in the center. I wish I could give you an answer that would work for your sister but the brain is such a complex and unique organ, its hard to say what will resonate with it but try different things.

Thanks, I will suggest the balance ball. She is doing therapy trying to learn to compensate for the dizziness.

call binder and binder the are really good if they think they can get your sister ssd they will tell u over the phone it’s free if they win so they wont even try if they think she cant get it…

Hi Alexis,

I have heard from several aneurysm patients that dizziness is common following a rupture. I understand the following treatment has worked in stopping the dizziness post aneurysm: http://www.webmd.com/brain/liberatory-maneuvers-for-vertigo http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103463398

Perhaps you could talk to your sister’s doctor to see if he/she would recommend it for her.

My 85 year old mother-in-law was in a car accident about 5 years ago, and became constantly dizzy and nauseous for months after having a concussion and whiplash. She had one treatment using a similar method and has never been dizzy since. The doctor and two assisants actually rolled her in mid-air. She was nauseous and vomited during the treatment, so please don’t do this by yourself. It looks so simple, but it’s not. She could have suffocated on her own vomit. Please go to a professional.

Please let us know how your sister is.


My wife is 16 months post rupture and still very dizzy. Does anything you've tried work>?



My wife is 16 months post rupture and very dizzy all the time, any ideas? Thanks

It was suggested to me to try Dramamine. It has been a godsend for those occasional bouts with dizziness.

Alexis, my rupture was 2007 and then another brain surgery, causin a stroke, which my Dr knew going in. My rupture was the left PICA. I have dizziness and balance issues always. I did the testing through the hospital amd the conclusion was the same both times, i have damage to my brain. I did physical therapy which helps some and didn’t find any of the medications helped enough to justify taking. Mine seems mostly, not always, tied to my head movement so I have learned to move carefully with no quick head movements. The nausea is off and on for me. I would suggest trying every option to see what works for her, I think we all are different and responses to treatments will vary. Good luck!

Cole, in my previous responses, I had discussed various things I tried and had found relief in. About a year ago, the dizziness came back with a vengeance. It was almost impossible to keep my balance and the nausea was awful. I'm glad to say that I'm once again free of these and have been for about 4 months. When I say free, I mean that dizziness doesn't come from out of the plan. I still cannont spin around without severe imbalance. So I have to be careful when I take aerobic dance classes that involve turns, it just doesn't work.

So here's what worked for me. It's a series of reconditioning and repositioning exercises. They trigger dizziness when you do them so I had to wear a patch behind my ear for a month while I did them. I would lay on the very edge and the bed and then extend my head over the edge and downward and then turn my head left and then right. Waves of dizziness would come over me but I would do this three times a day. I would also stand on my head against the wall. I would stretch out on an exercise ball. Lastly, I started doing Zumba. There's a lot of twisting and turning involved in that. At first I couldn't do the class without a patch, now I can.

More recently, I've added yoga to my routine to improve my stability and balance. I hope this helps.

I am 5 months post SAH and clipping. My annie was in the MCA. I have dizzy spells every day but they are usually brought on by turning my head to quickly, standing up to quickly and even when I'm sitting down and looking from computer to paper or from looking around. I haven't tried anything to make them go away but I try not to move my head to quickly. I told my neurologist about the dizziness but she didn't any suggestions other than moving a bit slower.

Thank you Katie...I wish you well and a speedy recovery

Thanks so much Tiffamy. Can you describe the patch behind your ear a bit more so I can get her one.

Thanks again!

Is that the same as Mechazine?