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Exercise programme

my name lisa, i had a ruptured brain aneurysm on the 18 october, followed by another bleed on 20th, on the second occasion a tap was fitted and the aneurysm was sealed using a catheter. I spent 36 days in hospital, 13 in ICU. After initially experiencing paralysis in my right arm and leg, I am still suffering a weakness in my right side and my right hand has a slight tremor.
I am able to swim and walk short distances.
Can anyone recommend an exercise programme.

Hi there Fighter Lisa, as to what you narrated here with us makes me feel that your on your way to full recovery. I think you were given a Nuero-Pt and until now youre with their programme.
we have the same affected part of the body which is the right side. At home I do bottle exercise this is hard at first but doing it on a daily basis makes your stands and thigh build a muscles which makes you walk fast and as you do it everyday I think it will improve not only walking ability but for you to run too.
every day I place a bottle at the bottom of my feet" roll the bottle in and out" without any help of some one or by your hands too. practise this by chair. this helped me a lot and cause me “nothing but patience”.
and as for the hands stressball will do lot of help too. It does work for me I think it will do more for you because youve swim and had walk.
I think by summer as if nothing happened to you lisa I’m sure.
God Bless and take care now.