Events or support mettings in my arear... anyone help me find them?

Looking for support groups in my area, would love to have a support group I can go to and take part in around my area… Morgan City,La.

Hi Shelly,

I just checked the BAF website to see if there were any in-person support groups in you area, and there wasn’t. You could contact nearby hospitals and see if there were any support groups there. Here in NH we didn’t have a support group, so we started our own. We posted inquaries on this BAF site, on this site:, and posted an announcement in the local newspapers. We’re a small group but we meet once a month at a local rehab hospital that is centrally located in NH. We have been meeting for a year and a half. It’s been a wonderful experience, so consider starting your own group. You’re not alone! There are other aneurysm survivors and family members in LA, you just all have to find each other!
Good Luck!

Thank you so much, will check it out… again Thank you.